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Since 2017, we have been visiting Woods Of Terror in Greensboro, North Carolina. This makes it our 7th appearance at this top ranked haunt in the nation. If this is your first time reading about “WOT” (Woods of Terror) on Scurryface. We do it a little differently, we no longer break down each attraction, we’ve done that from 2017 up until 2021. We prefer to shine a light on specific things during our experience that stand out. WOT has been terrifying guests for over 30 years, and they just keep getting better and better. 

The one thing we ALWAYS will spotlight is their midway experience. There is simply nothing like it. We’ve said it for years, WOT could offer an option for just midway tickets and your night would be filled with a fun, frightful evening. They offer everything you’d want at a haunt just in their midway. You get haunt actors roaming around scaring and posing for multiple photo ops. Multiple stores that offer one of kind WOT merch, axe throwing, snacks and plenty food and drink options. (Get the mini donuts and WOT sells alcohol now for all you that enjoy partaking) An incredible band that performs from start to finish where you will catch Bone Daddy and Trish taking over vocals and rocking out. We got to be out there to experience their new meet and greet experience which we at SF think is a genius idea considering that this haunt offers some of the best and most promoted actors in the industry. Which we believe is a wonderful thing that this haunt puts so much promotion towards their actors, it’s well deserved and more haunts should invest into their actors like WOT does. 

We promise that if you come to WOT, your midway experience will stand out from everything else that you’ve done.


Now we get to talk about the actual haunt experience which completely stands out from the midway experience. Have you ever taken a haunt tour that lasts at least an hour long??? No? Not many do, you will experience that time length at WOT. You will experience a plethora of scenes that will fully immerse you and rattle your senses. Throughout our walkthrough it seemed like there was an actor at almost every turn. Popping out of the darkness, blending in with their surroundings, utilizing the amazing detailed scenery as a diversion to deliver high intense scares. WOT truly delivers the bang for your buck when it comes to a haunt experience. We never want to hear a single person complain about a ticket price when it comes to WOT. 

SF would prefer this haunt in Greensboro, North Carolina over any theme park haunt event any day. And you can quote us on that!


Some notable changes that we absolutely loved. They got rid of the “house of blood” and completely changed it to Stranger Things as Vecna haunts your every step. WOT did an amazing job transforming what was an old vampire house to this experience. Not gonna lie, the demogorgons and Vecna got a few solid startles out of me. I absolutely loved this change as it keeps up with what fans are into. 


They increased their sensory overload experience by extending black out and adding “white out”. Just want to point out that the smells are wonderful in that area……………

Not sure how I feel about the new “Scrubber” scene on cold nights, but it’s definitely fun to walk through.


 Their brand new Mortuary experience is out of this world. It’s no longer out in the open as this experience now has its own building with incredible lighting and amazing attention to details filled with new characters. You will definitely need to stay on your toes while venturing through this experience.


Some notable immersive shoutouts:

I love and will always love the Texas house experience. Just the immersion of it alone is superb, then you add in the actors who go all out.

Minors Massacre is another experience that puts you underground and makes you feel closed in with all the evil minors who want to do nothing but haunt your nightmares.

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital - It’s in year two of WOT, but it’s still one of the best experiences when it comes to authenticity and immersion. The actress sitting on the floor licking her toes still causes a little gag reflex weeks later..

Pirates Cover & Voodoo Lagoon-  I’ve experienced A LOT of haunts throughout the years and to this day, no haunt does pirates and voodoo like WOT.

Horrorwood Cinema Grande- It’s nostalgia and I’m there for every second of it. I do love the addition to Ghost Face being added, but my favorite has to be Haddonfield with Michael Myers and the facade of A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Finally, 3D Euphoria, this experience is still one of if not the best 3D portions I’ve ever seen at a haunt. The artwork is downright amazing and compliments all the actors within who simply takes it to another level.


In closing; Woods Of Terror is no doubt one of the best attractions in the country. They promote “In North Carolina” all the time, but they just need to go ahead and change that to the nation. They wouldn’t be lying or false advertising. They truly are.

Another thing that I love about WOT is the fact they are NEVER complacent. Eddie McLauring and his team are ALWAYS finding ways and coming up with new ideas to innovant the experience year after year. They don’t just wait until the next season to implement new things, they have no reserves to incorporate them on the spot during the season. So that means you need to go multiple times each October because no 2 experiences will be the same.


I said it above and I’ll close with this statement and you can quote us on it.

SF would recommend this attraction in Greensboro, North Carolina over ANY theme park haunted event any day of the                                                                                 week.                                                                      

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