My final night in Virginia, I find myself in Roanoke visiting 1 of the 3 Trifecta Haunts, “Terror Manor”.

To be quite honest, I was not expecting a set up like this haunt has. A building where the actual haunt experience is and a road splitting the midway experience. Not a busy street by any means but just different than anything I’ve ever seen.

The building gives off the vibe of a place where Jigsaw would probably take his victims to play out his twisted games.

Also important note: Terror Manor is wheelchair accessible.

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Terror Manor offers a midway/queline experience. You both stand in a queline while midway entertainment is literally all around you. Actors constantly interacting, occasionally a live DJ, music videos playing on the big screen and a fire show. I do want to note that I’ve seen quite a few fire shows while out on tour and the individuals at “Humble Performing Arts” put on one of the best I’ve ever seen.

That evening they also had special guests: Pat Miller from Maximum Overdrive plus Bot Rod Garage brought out their project truck from the film.

Having that truck parked out front of that building with the green glow simply set the tone and added to the excitement that awaited within. 

The midway gives off a vibe that you’re in someone’s backyard with a fence all around you that’s covered in banners and Terror Manor logos. One thing I do want to point out is the fact that Terror Manor helps promote other haunts. Not just haunts within their trifecta of terror, again, something that needs to be done by haunts EVERYWHERE throughout the industry. Terror Manor definitely leads by example on how it should be done.

Before we get into the experience, let’s be very clear that Terror Manor is an R Rated haunted attraction. We don’t get many of those and when we find one that does it right, it’s a treat to say the least.

The experience begins right in the Midway as you enter a maze, you’ll encounter a few actors hidden within. Nothing crazy or mind blowing, just a simple appetizer for the real experience across the street. Once you are out of the maze, you make your way across the road and enter the building and make your way up this steel staircase and enter the final Queline. Within this queline you’ll encounter a display of paranormal gear, a video talking about haunted items, videos from Terror Manor, a wall with pictures that introduces you to the characters within the Nightmare Collective and an observation window that includes a massive snake.

I really enjoyed the setup and anticipation that it all created prior to entering the actual haunt. I also loved seeing the faces of patrons go from smiles to “Oh shit, it’s our turn to go in.” The instant change of emotion was a beautiful thing to see.

Those that have followed me and SF for all these years know that I do not like to spoil experiences within a haunted attraction. I don’t like to film everything on the inside and release it to our audience, I don’t like to give away secrets and scares on these write ups and I’m not going to start now.

But I will say that Terror Manor offers over 30 scenes throughout this experience. Each scene for the most part can stand on its own and offers its own unique experience.

Once I hit that second scene, the actress gave me a quick reality check that Terror Manor isn’t playing around. 

From that point forward, Terror Manor had me on my heels with every step forward. Not knowing where an actor would pop out of next. 

Terror Manor is another haunt that tries to utilize every single square inch and they do an amazing job with forcing you to want to look around each scene at the detail and special effects. I was even told that they were some “Easter Eggs” for me to find in the haunt. I thought to myself, “Oh easy, I’ll spot them”..... WRONG! The actors make it impossible because they are relentless and they take full advantage of patrons letting their guards down. 

This is seriously the first haunt that I’ve been to that had me on edge with every step due to how many times they got me throughout.

Terror Manor will wreak havoc on your nerves.

And this is just the traditional walkthrough. Not even the “VIP” experience.

The VIP experience is on another level. Word of advice, wear clothes that you simply don’t care about, like a Clemson Tiger or Tennessee Vols shirt.

VIP you will get to experience extra things within each scene, a more aggressive touch, things in your mouth, water, paint, pies, blood, shock therapy etc.. The finale with Nobody the Clown and Huggz is where you get treated like "royalty"......  You basically become a part of the show as traditional patrons pass you by with the common phrase of “Oh hell no”... Your stay time dramatically increases as well due to the actors getting to have a lot more fun with you. And the look on their faces and body reactions when a glow stick enters their scene, they get all giddy like a teenage boy seeing boobies for the first time in a movie.

Two completely different experiences that achieve the same goals in the end. 

And that is, Terror Manor gives you one hell of an experience.

Worthy mention: Terror Manor is a part of the "Trifecta of Terror" which includes Helheim Haunted Attraction and St. Albans Sanatorium.

3 completely different style haunts who support one another. They have a deal where they give out a punch card and if you hit all 3 haunts. You get the "Trifecta of Terror" T-Shirt.

I do hate that I didn't get to experience St. Albans but I assure you this isn't the last time the Red Tie will be in Virginia. Also, what these 3 haunts are doing sets the standard of what should be happening throughout the entire industry! Major kudos to these 3 haunts for setting the example of how to be supportive of one another instead of bashing and tearing down each other.

In closing;


Terror Manor hits the mark on delivering you an experience you won’t forget and will leave you wanting to come back for more. From the grand opening outside where the actors march across the street and bust through the tarps like it’s Virginia Tech coming out the tunnel to Enter Sandman. All the way to the experience inside where constant screams keeps the dogs next door up all night long. You will get your money's worth and more at Terror Manor in Roanoke, Virginia.

You can quote me on this because it’s true.

“Terror Manor takes YOUR worst nightmares and turns them into their bitch!”

Terror Manor is one of the scariest but most fun haunts I’ve ever experienced.

Be sure to get out there before the season ends!

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