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Clyde NY is a nice, pretty, small town in the North Finger Lakes region with a segment of the still extant Erie Canal running through it. Heading down the hill on Glasgow St you can see everything this beautiful town has to offer and a great view of the canal. Nothing prepares you for the Hollywood-level, full touch horror experience you are about to have just around the corner at 7 Columbia St



The Lobby is the only lacking part of the whole attraction. This is only for the fact that it takes its space from the patio of the former Restaurant on the first floor of the duplex. The real estate is really small and still, they manage to fit in concessions and merchandising. This is the ingenuity that gets them maybe a point higher score than some haunts with large open fields to work with. The dressing and props aren't as hardcore as the house itself and there are a lot of them but, they shouldn't be as intense because that would scare away too many patrons. We arrived as the last group of the night, minutes before closing and everyone was still so nice(maybe because they knew I was a reviewer) but, most likely because it's a good crew out there. We waited a little while for the actors to get resituated and headed in for what would immediately become gain a spot on my Top 13 So Far.



Terror Field has possibly the best actors of the 13 tours this season. They are able to take you into their world whether it be a Hillbilly House/community or a Hospital/Asylum. On the first floor were the jokes about incest and suicide. On the second floor were jokes about anal probes. The co-owner Brandon and a few others said they were short staffed yet it still felt like there was an actor in every room. Many with BIG presences. There are actors who inspect your teeth, check you into the hospital with questions about your STIs, a cook in the kitchen who literally starts cutting you up and a guy who comes to an explosive end. The level of improvisation leaves me wondering what the turnover rate is. It must be the same actors returning each season because they definitely have practice.


Eye Candy/Visuals 

There aren't that many light effects or special sound effects but, there is stuff displayed absolutely everywhere. Not to mention they “bring the outdoors in” better than a lot of other haunts which is one of my favorite scenic designs. Every theme looks exactly as you would expect from a high budget haunt. There are no dead spots and the only black walls are in pitch black hallways. The most memorable themes are the ones that consumed most of each floor: Hillbilly and Hospital. The Hillbilly House uses the actual kitchen from the old Restaurant and each of the old Apartments on the second floor is used as either a different section of the Hospital or a different theme.


Walkthrough Experience 

In order to garner so much praise, a walkthrough like this must be intense and different. From walking “through the woods” to get to the front step of the Hillbilly House to leaving with a spirit from beyond following me, it was a time unlike any other. The most memorable event of the whole walkthrough was sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed through hallways at high speed before almost crashing into one of the Doctor's cabinets. After the thrill ride, alone, the Doctor came out and after having felt and seen the acts in the preceding three-quarters of the house he could have done anything to me. He smashed open his door in the corner and ran in with the intent of pulling out my teeth with pliers. Probably the second most memorable event is the final scene of the Hillbilly House where two guys are there to send you off into the ether but, one ends up sending himself off into the ether with a shotgun to the Brain. An effect reminiscent of the opening scene at Dead Acres/Haunted Hoochie in Columbus OH.



This haunt may not exclusively make everything themselves but, everything does look and feel unique from all other haunts. Again, there aren't that many big effects and it really doesn't need them with such an effective cast. The creativity comes mostly from what kind of themes of dialogue there will be among each group of actors. Some of these themes would be beyond the pale for a more family-friendly attraction.


Overall Score




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