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For my first stop of the 2021 season, I made my way to Sweet Dreams Scare House! Traveling down the dark back roads from I-85 into Easley, SC, you wouldn’t think there’s much there… but don’t speak too soon! Upon arrival to the haunt, it’s quite easy to miss as it comes up fast in a semi-residential area. Just drive slowly and you’ll be just fine. Once you turn in, you’ll be guided by people with glow lights on where to park. You’ll hear screams, see Lasers & Fire, and all kinds of other things going on that will get your adrenaline pumping! 



When you walk up, you’ll see a ticket booth , a snack bar which serves all kinds of food, and a gift shop to take home some nice merch for your memories. Once purchasing tickets, you’re next stop will be the midway where monsters lurk and await your arrival. Upon entering the midway, you’ll be greeted with party music from the DJ booth and maybe some dancing “friends” that’ll definitely entertain you while you wait. Feel free to dance with them… they like that! This is the first taste of your newly founded immersive experience of a haunt. There’re photo ops and all the things to make your experience personal to you! There will be a que-line that has surprises all along the way, and yes, even more friends! You just may start feeling like your in a dream… a sweet dream that is!


Between Lasers, fog machines, sounds, lights, and makeup, everything is done very meticulously at Sweet Dreams. They do a fantastic job at creating a scene with just the proper amount of intensity and effects in order to suck you into their world! You may happen to see Fire breathers, people hanging from hooks, and more! 


The props used at Sweet Dreams Scare House really assist in their unique, immersive experience as well. Almost every area you travel through on the trail is done with 100% in décor. Nothing is out of place or done 1/2 way. Everything just fits with what is being portrayed. Detail, detail, detail is what makes the use of a lot of props work here! 


The makeup and costumes used by the actors really matched the theme at any given point in the haunt. Makeup is obviously done professionally and the costumes are very original. 

Nothing cheap looking & there aren’t a lot of common masks, characters, or makeup designs used here, making it it’s own unique experience. There are several other effects that are very pleasant on the eyes and mind alike. I won’t give away too much though, go and see for yourself 😉 


The chapel really stood out to me personally as you really feel as though you’re walking into a real funeral. Shhhhh… Be very cautious and quiet as to not disrupt anyone in attendance; You would hate to make someone angry!



I’ll start by saying “Wow”… Just Wow. From start to finish, my walkthrough experience was just fantastic. Sweet Dreams Scare House has put together a haunt where you will experience at least 20 different theme’s! It’s kind of all over the place, but it all makes sense and fits the type of haunt they do. You could go from a crazed welder in a machine shop to a moon shining camp in the hills of Appalachia and later to a Voodoo set. There’s truly a lot to say about a place that can incorporate so many themes and stick to the theme(s) or story being portrayed. 


As you travel through, you will be immersed into the world of Sweet Dreams Scare House. Between jump scares, stalking, surprises, and hands-on stuff, there is something for everyone here. I experienced several different emotions in my journey through the trail; Scary, fun, laughter, unsureness, and excitement; All of which made my walkthrough experience amazing. I would say that if you want to have a fun night out and still get scared, definitely come here! Just be sure that you don’t wear your best shoes and close as you will be traveling through the woods.


The walkthrough took 38 minutes and it was very well worth the cost of admission! The pricing is as follows:

$25 - General Admission

$30 - Rated R (Full Contact)

$35 - G.A. Fast Pass

$40 - Rated R Fast Pass

Something Sweet Dreams does well is spacing out groups so you don’t really run into other groups. 



From beginning to end, the actors do an incredible job at staying in character and their acting skills are professional & top of the line! They know their roll and aren’t afraid to take risks… this is another reason why I HIGHLY recommend you do the RATED R (Full-Contact) experience. It allows the actors to perform at their full potential! Actors here come in all shapes and sizes. You never know who… or what is around the next corner. 


There is a vast array of acting styles used at Sweet Dreams. Most of the actors are very interactive and will entertain the whole group; not just a portion of you. They do an amazing job at making everyone’s experience unique and not the same scares for everyone. They play off of each other when there is a scene with more than 1 actor. This includes but not limited to, separating you from your group, bringing you in a “special room”, and sneaking up behind you when you think you’re in the clear. The actors will approach from all angles! Some will scream, some will stalk, some will whisper, and some will just watch whilst giving you the death stare, & others will physically take you into the depths of Sweet Dreams! Be ready for anything as you travel through this nightmare… I mean, this Sweet Dream, of course! I would like to give a special shoutout to Tackyz the Clown and the Nun in the Chapel! Incredible job and grade A acting from both! 



Sweet Dreams Scare House is absolutely Original. There are really not many like it out there. The owners’ mind has tested the waters of what’s allowed and what people like at a haunt. So, what makes it original? First and foremost, the option for Rated R experience. That’s not extremely common in the haunt world and they definitely put their hands on you; just enough but definitely not hurting or harming you. Second, is simply HOW they do it. Quite often, a haunt will consist of some jump scares and/or the same scares every time you go through. In Sweet Dreams, everyone will have a different experience as the actors don’t have a script to follow. They are given a lot of freedom as to what goes on at Sweet Dreams Scare House. As stated earlier, they play off of your fear and emotions as it’s shown, making this haunt truly one of a kind.



This is a Must See! You will not be disappointed making your way through Easley, SC to experience this immersive, incredible haunt. 


Joe at Sweet Dreams has put a ton of hard work into this haunt and it definitely shows! It’s not just a regular haunt, it’s an entire experience. Everyone here not just gets a good scared, but they have fun. It’s truly a fun time coming here. 


Be sure to make a stop in the gift shop and meet Ryan! Ryan is the owners’ best friend and an actor that performed at Sweet Dreams. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. Ryan was a lover and always loved to have fun. There is a memorial with his actual costume and props. It’s truly heart-warming to experience his memorial. It’s definitely a must see


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