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We have reached the midway mark of my haunt tour this season...Kersey Valley Spookywoods, let’s get it! This haunted attraction has always been a hit with many avid haunt goers as well as Scurryface. It’s hailed to be one of the top three haunts in NC and has also gained attention nationally. I was deeply saddened to have missed out on Spookywoods last year due to the 2020 pandemic, so I’ve been dying to come back for a good scare this year. This haunt  has previously always delivered quality entertainment, thrills and chills. I couldn’t wait to see what new elements they were bringing to the table this season!


Kersey Valley Spookywoods, located in Archdale, NC, is hands down one of the easiest haunts to find on my state tour. It’s directly adjacent to I-40; follow the signs and there is no way that you will miss it. Make sure to bring $5 cash with you for parking. We arrived around 30 minutes after opening and were directed to pull into an expansive grass lot that provided easy access to the haunt entrance. Having pre purchased tickets online, we were able to walk directly into the midway arena.


Midway Experience:

The usual Ghost Town setup of the Spookywoods midway tends to live up to its name quite literally this season. It is toned down from previous years. With less fog and very few actors running around on midway. This is most likely due to Covid restrictions and having a tinier cast this fall. Don’t fret because Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers are still lurking about for their next victims and they are always down to take a selfie before their latest kill. There are several concession stands, restrooms and a gift shop for anyone looking to take home a souvenir. We do recommend trying their glazed nuts (peanuts, cashews and pecans) or the apple cider donuts...absolutely to die for! They are also a filling snack while you stand in line to enter the trail. We arrived fairly early on opening weekend and spent an estimated total of 42 minutes waiting to be admitted into the start of the haunt. However, the DJ on the catwalk above the audience cranked out nonstop terror tunes, so this did not seem like an extended amount of time by any means. He was spectacular at pumping up the crowd and persuading them to dance. It was an easy distraction. This whole setup makes it seem as if you are the rebellious teenager at the raging party before the second act massacre begins in the slasher movie...

Walkthrough Experience:


General Admission

Saturday - $35.70

VIP/Fast Pass- $59.95

Immediate Access - $79.63


TOTAL WAIT TIME: 42 minutes



Spookywoods is one long combined trail with a vast amount of various scenes. Allow Scurryface to navigate you through these...


VICTORIA’S REVENGE: The first house you enter has a very strong late 90’s rock grudge youth of America gone savage theme. I’m not sure whether they listened to too much Marilyn or too much Charlie, but there’s definitely a Manson to blame here. The Columbine, cult massacre vibes are permeating through the air with this one. They’ve left a trail of bodies who trespassed against them in multiple corpse piles for everyone else to trespass through. Watch out for those beheaded bodies. They may still move. These preteen killers are venom filled and full of rage as they taunt visitors. This opener pulls the rug right out from under the guests, taking away their safety net, and does an impressive job at showing them what is to come.


*Quick side note: Once exiting this first building was where visitors used to board a large tram that would take them through the woods in darkness to play a form of laser tag with monsters in the woods. Both of these previous themes have been scrapped due to Covid restrictions last year. This shortens the time of the trail. However, if this was your first time visiting Spookywoods, you would have no idea. This does not hinder the haunt experience.


PILGRIM’S HARVEST: Customers are motioned to make their way through a never ending corn maze. Any Stephen King fans will immediately think they are being literally “stalked” by He Who Walks Behind the Rows with an Issac lookalike and his Children of the Corn brethren. This maze is even more spine chilling with an actual child in your group. Many calculated jump scares and bursts from a gigantic flame thrower are littered throughout this almost endless maze.


WEST MANOR HOSPITAL: A Josef Mengele inspired nightmare doctor greets customers as they walk through the next house in this segment. From there out, you are baited by a couple of deranged mental patients and you soon find yourself wanting to be released.


ARCHMAZE: If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like inside the Paris Catacombs, the sets in this trail area do an outstanding, realistic job. This massive crypt passage is a highlight of the walkthrough aesthetically.


HEDGE SWAMP/WEREWOLF FOREST: These two shorter segments blended together with ease. There’s a mist filled fog and dozens of ritualistic sacrifices posed along the haunt walls. Once again, a cult presence was heavily incorporated into this year’s overall haunt theme. The lighting in the cemetery during this part of the trail was a bit too bright. It didn’t have the same vibe as the rest of the atmosphere. It seemed like it should have been more shadowed filled and not giving so much away. Customers wished more actual werewolf costumes were included in this segment, but the scenery at the end of this area was breathtaking. Spookywoods has invented a naturalistic looking neon moon (not the Brooks and Dunn kind) hanging mid air in a 3D starry filled night sky. It’s gorgeous and now we all we want this exact setup in our living rooms.


FUNERAL HOME: The funeral home was another highlight of the Spookywoods walkthrough. There is a heavy Victorian goth aesthetic through this area. It was a crowd favorite. Beware of the eerie looking ghost girls who are most than willing to literally take you by the hand and lead you through their local mortician’s house. You’ll see used caskets, decaying wreaths and a true to life autopsied body laying on the slab. Cautiously keep an eye out for the mortician and his tools of destruction.


INDUSTRIAL 2045: Filled with electrifying bungee scares and creatures literally leaping off the walls, this segment is a deteriorating boiler room reminiscent of the one Freddy K would have met his first demise in.


DINER: Make sure that trippy 3d animal artwork doesn’t doesn’t trip you up because you’ll need to be ready to run inside this diner. It’s littered with dismembered teddy bear mascots, bloody carcasses and creepy clowns. We don’t know who dreamed up this nightmare fuel, but we won’t be sleeping for a week...


SLAUGHTERHOUSE: Piles of pig intestines, gory cadavers and wise cracking butchering fiends can’t wait to have you for dinner. They’ll do anything to please the insatiable bloodlust of the wendigo looming around in this house.


PUPPET THEATRE: We hope you’re not afraid of dolls. Mary Shaw’s life long, twisted vision has been fulfilled in this segment of toys gone wrong.


POMPEII’S AWAKENING: Experience first hand what it felt like to escape an erupting Mount Vesuvius. This area has glow in the dark lava walls, moving floors and a disorienting vortex tunnel. It’s as if customers are being transported through a portal to the outer realm and auditioning for a spot on Legends of the Hidden Temple.


FOLLOW THE LIGHT HOME: You have reached the end of the trail. Keep your eyes on the green dots and ignore the chainsaw sounds in the distance.


The spacing of groups is evenly done at this haunted attraction. You may run into others depending on how slow or how fast you walk, but there were no backed up conga lines at Spookywoods. No dead spots or lulls either. When you thought you had reached the end of the trail, you discovered there was more. It’s one enlarged tricked out, terror filled fever dream with something or someone new always hiding in the shadows. There were jumps, scares and laughs had by everyone involved from beginning to end. The cast does a superb job of making sure each guest experiences multiple frights throughout and no one gets left out. The price of admission is well worth the money spent at Spookywoods.



At Kersey Valley Spookywoods, there are no novices on this scare attraction’s cast of creatures. These actors all have divergent, original character based lines and peculiar comebacks that most customers would not be able to foresee or expect. From well timed jump scares to flying in the darkness bungee cord assaults, the cast are masters at ensnarling the audience and making them fully aware of the attention each of their scenes deserve. They are a focused, predominant force to be reckoned with.



The vivid visual representation at Spookywoods is breathtaking. It is a horror buff’s dream aesthetically. From the  special effects makeup to the detailed costuming to lifelike masks, everything is expertly done. The slasher villains, such as Freddy and Michael, look as if they stepped right out of the movie screen and are coming for you. With all of their goblins and ghouls scurrying about it feels as though you have entered a creep populated parallel universe. This scare attraction withholds no barriers at delivering the best performances with nothing less than top quality electronics and animatronics. Fog machines, strobe lights, bungee cords and so much more...these guys have everything. The astronomical quality and time that has been poured into their set design is also extremely noteworthy. Whether it’s a 3D starry night sky roof or the grimy, old fashioned casket in the funeral home area, the art directors at Spookywoods pay attention to every little detail to give it the true Southern gothic vibe they are striving for. It’s a macabre themed theatrical show and guests get to be an involved part of it.



This scare attraction has a reputation for straying away from the conventional stereotypes you might usually find in haunts. They stick with fresh avant-garde concepts and ingenious ideas. Who would think to combine disemboweled teddy bears, killers clowns and a 50’s diner? It’s deranged, demented...and we love it! Also, not many haunted attractions would dare to play with the myth of Wendigo monsters either. The creators at Spookywoods are without a doubt innovators of the haunt industry when it comes to originality.

Overall Grade:


Kersey Valley Spookywoods is Must See Haunted Attraction...hands down one of the best in the haunt industry, not only just in North Carolina, but nation wide as well. The craftsmanship and detail on set designs, costuming, props and makeup is 100% professional, Hollywood material and extremely difficult to compete with. It’s a guaranteed “spooky” good time for the whole family with frights around every corner. Don’t miss out on this scare attraction! Book your tickets now!


Kersey Valley Spookywoods has always been a personal favorite of mine. Even when I worked as an actor within the haunt industry at another attraction, I couldn’t wait to visit this place every season. They are always changing their sets and coming up with new characters or scenes. Very rarely is anything the exact same as the year before. It’s mind-blowing to see what these guys come up with. They are top level in everything that they do.


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