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I went to the Tucson Slaughterhouse Haunted House on a Saturday night earlier this month. My family and I were coming from Phoenix to Tucson to go to it, and it was at least a two hour drive to get there and get home. A long drive, but it turned out to be so worth it after we got there and experienced this Awesome Haunt. From the outside it does not look very large and the parking lot is very small, so you have to find a spot on the street that goes back from the front and alongside the haunt. You may have to walk quite a long way to get from your car to the haunt, but it is free parking. I have always wanted to go to the Tucson Slaughterhouse and I am finally getting to go, I cannot wait! (The only “real” long line you may have to get in and wait in, is the one to purchase your ticket before entering.) I had pre-purchased my ticket and I would suggest doing that if you do not want to stand in any long lines




This experience was fantastic and it never felt as if we were waiting. Upon arrival at the first stop, the employees were happy and not stressed out and not tired, so that was very refreshing (compared to some haunts I have been to this year). Here the process of the haunt was explained to us and we needed to get a cell phone shot of their QR code because we would be using it more than once that night. They then sent us to the next stop and I had to give them information to attach to the QR code for my group, so they would be able to relay important messages to us concerning this haunt and their procedures. Even though this haunt was very, very crowded the process to check in took very little time and was very smooth running. I loved it! There were no que-lines anywhere, except at the ticket sales booth line.


In the midway, you finally get a great chance to see how large the Slaughterhouse really is - it is HUGE! Every element there complemented the haunt, it was fabulous. There were several activities within the midway. So much to do in the midway that the wait time does not feel like wait time at all. It felt like a party, in the midway, as we waited. So Fun!


There are many things to do while you wait. There is at least one food truck vendor there and there are several picnic tables there to eat at or wait and rest, if you need to. There was a new game there this year to play while waiting called, Meltdown. They had one Escape Room open this year - $5.00 for 5 minutes of fun. There was a stage located in the middle of the midway, but nothing was happening there while we were there. There was an Ax Throwing booth and a Merchandise Gift Shop. There was a Photo Op area and some Displays and Murals to admire or get pictures with. Very

inviting and fun for spending your time while waiting. Bring some extra cash or your card to spend your money if you wish to purchase anything or for the games while you wait. There were a few midway actors the night we went and they were interactive and entertaining, but I did not see them very much since we were moving around and doing the other activities while we were waiting.


While we were in the midway, I received a text message letting me know that we needed to head toward the Slaughterhouse entrance to the haunt. We did have to wait for a short time (that night) in line to enter the actual haunt. While waiting in line, there was a place where their staff takes your photo against a green screen and you can purchase one or several photos with various backgrounds, if you like them. So you are waiting in the actual cattle slaughter line before you enter the actual Slaughterhouse.




The main thing I can say about this Arizona haunt is that it IS the closest thing I have ever seen in Arizona that resembles The Darkness, Lemp Brewery, and Creepy World in St. Louis, MO that is part of Transworld held yearly in St. Louis, MO, which is owned and operated by Mr. Larry Frightner. That means that it was horribly, fantastically, incredible for eye candy and visuals. The best I have ever seen in Arizona. It has the best 3D neon haunt I have ever seen outside of St. Louis, MO. myself. It was an actual slaughterhouse in its day and they have converted it into a huge set of various haunts.


The actors for each specific haunt had costumes and makeup appropriate for their areas. It was not just one type of character done differently but several character types each having their own look for their character and scene and set. The makeup and masks and costuming was all professionally done and extraordinary. Movie quality to say the least.


All the animatronics were very cool to look at and they actually all worked as well and were appropriately placed for each area. Nicely done. There were a lot of special effects and props and animatronics throughout the entire house. The lighting was electrifying and appropriate for every situation. The sounds and music were very professional and also very appropriate for this haunt. Everything, everywhere looked real as if you were really there experiencing for “real”.


The Slaughterhouse contains what was once five haunts, but in 2020, they combined them all into one incredibly large haunt and for 2021 they had: the “Boiler Room,” “Cirque du Slay,” “City Meats,” and “The Apocalypse”. If you had purchased an extra event you could continue upstairs for “Apocalypse Pandemic,” which I had and it was

amazing and I enjoyed it even though I felt bad for the zombies that were being shot, (since I am a zombie, myself). It was a lot of fun! There is so much and ALL of it is GREAT!




This haunt was so well put together, that it just flowed, and each scene in each room for each area simply bled into the next just perfectly. So smooth the transitions - perfection! The location of the haunt is an actual Slaughterhouse from the 1950s. So any death stories could easily be portrayed as “real” and this haunt has done just that. The traffic flow is handled nicely and if a group did catch up to us, we just let them pass on through, since we were fully enjoying the experience. It is so entertaining from beginning to end. I did not notice one single dead spot and they used the animatronics in places where they were very effective and helped keep possible dead spots from being an issue. I did notice jump scares within other groups and my father and I even had a few ourselves. They were so good and it was so appropriate. I would say this haunt is scary and the jump scares help make it scary. Be prepared for fun! Our walk through could easily have been an hour and one-half to two hours long. This place is crazy big! The price is well worth the haunt and the midway.




This haunt is a touch haunt, but it is an appropriate touch and it is not overused. I was touched twice and it was okay and I do not like people touching me, in general. I was touched on my head and on my shoulder, and I survived both times.


All the actors were remarkable. They had energy, enthusiasm, perfect-timing, great makeup or masks, appropriate to the character/scene costuming, they actually tried to scare or entertain each customer, they did not miss a thing, they are the greatest. They interact and make sure to play to and off of each other. Some had vocal roles and some were silent and the haunt had a good mix of each. There were no “forbidden” phrases used, everything was appropriate. The actors are fabulous. No one told us to move on or to stop looking at the sets. Very Professional everyone! Such a good job!




This haunt “screams” originality and creativity. Everything here was used to complement everything else, even if you have seen anything here somewhere else, here it is used and done originally. The story may be similar to other stories, but it is so creative and again, originally done. The sets, the actors, the costumes, the makeup,

the special effects, the animatronics, the props, simply everything used was used creatively. It flowed and you could see how original and creative it was. That is why they are so close in nature to being like “The Darkness,” “Lemp Brewery,” and “Creepy World” in St. Louis, MO. It is that awesome and I even told the creator/owner that and he replied, “That is the first time anyone has ever told me that. Thank you, that means a lot to me.”






It is an A+++ or a 5 Star or 2 Thumbs Up for sure a MUST SEE HAUNT at least in Arizona. The BEST!!!




I personally do believe it is Arizona’s BEST Haunt. Like I said it comes close to The BEST Haunts in the USA and they are in St. Louis, Missouri and done by Mr. Larry Frightner.


This haunt is haunted and you can learn more about it from their website: and you can see which ghost hunters have spent time there and with which celebrities as well.


If you ever get the opportunity to attend Slaughterhouse in Tucson make sure you go. I overheard some people talking and saying that they go there every year and they come down from the four corners area where Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico meet. It is well worth the trip! EXCELLENT!!!