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My 2021 haunt tour has led me to Athens, Tennessee for The Scream Chamber. The Scream Chamber is located in one of the first brick buildings built by settlers in the Hiwassee District in 1826- The Samuel Cleage (Clegg) House. The mansion has a dark history with known paranormal activity, noises and voices rumored to be heard by locals. If that is not enough to frighten you - the top notch production put on by The Scream Chamber escalates the fear. The haunt offered by The Scream Chamber is an intense experience that you enter at your own risk-- and as they say- Go Ahead and Scream! No One will Hear You!



From the moment you pull into the parking lot at The Scream Chamber you are captivated by the environment. Right off of US Highway 11 you cannot miss the giant Scream Chamber sign complete with skulls and spider webs. The parking team did a great job escorting cars in and out of the parking lot showing each car where to park. The security team took pride in keeping the haunt safe by checking each individual with metal detectors upon entering. From there you are directed straight to the ticket line. You may want to consider arriving early or purchasing the fast pass because the crowds definitely gather at The Scream Chamber- and you will see why. If you are really brave, you can pay extra for the actors to touch you! Once you get your ticket, you will wait in the entertainment/waiting area for your number to be called over the loudspeaker. From there everyone with your same number will form a line at the entrance of the haunt. I arrived 30 minutes before the haunt started so I was among the first group called. The entertainment/waiting area is a very large area surrounded by fences complete with top notch photo opportunities from very interactive actors to haunted zombie displays, concessions, picnic tables, and a fire pit complete with seating. They played a mix of halloween/party dance music - and to add to the fun the actors would sometimes dance along. Have you ever seen a zombie, haunted joker, and clown do the cupid shuffle? I can now say I have! The staff is very friendly, helpful, and engaging. You can tell each and every employee is passionate about The Scream Chamber. The hangout area provided for waiting is a huge part of the experience and compliments the haunt greatly.



The Scream Chamber is much more than just a haunt, it's a haunted experience. There were times I felt like I was in a concentration camp -- I truly was immersed in the experience. It starts with reading the history of The Samuel Cleage (Clegg) House that lines the walls as you wait for your turn to enter the haunt. When it was time for my group to go they rushed us into a dark room. I was unsure whether to continue or not so I grabbed the door knob and a haunted voice greeted me over the loudspeakers, “DO NOT TOUCH MY DOOR!” I quickly complied and removed my hand, I was startled. The makeup skills at the Scream Chamber were extremely professional and realistic. The grim reaper actor at the beginning of the haunt had a Voldemort (Harry Potter) quality makeup on that was movie quality- I was truly impressed. The Scream Chamber has a unique way of utilizing fog, lighting, sets, smells and special effects to intensify the experience. I especially have a weakness when it comes to smells and in one scene where we were in an infected area being infected by a toxin, I was convinced that I was actually infected because I could not quit gagging! While I was trying to recover, the “toxins” splashed me in the face. Like I said, I have a weakness when it comes to the smells in haunts and others in my group did not have as severe of a response to it as I did. The experience really added to immersing myself in the scene. Every scene was equally realistic. The costumes and actors fit perfectly in the scenes and clearly understood their role. It is evident that The Scream Chamber is owned and operated by individuals who are very experienced in the haunt industry. If you are into top notch costumes, make up, props and everything this category offers- The Scream Chamber is the place for you!



The Scream Chamber offers about 35-40 minutes of agonizing fears coming to life. The time I spent in the haunt was intense to say the least. The general admission is only $25, add $10 for the touch pass (to allow actors to touch you) & $15 if you decide to add the fast pass (to skip the wait). This haunt is ran by industry professionals and worth every dollar. The Scream Chamber sends you in with only the group you came with- which allows for a more interactive haunt. Many haunts I have attended send 10+ people at one time and not everyone in the line gets the same experience. That is not the case at The Scream Chamber. They have a well planned system to ensure accurate spacing between groups and we never ran into the group in front of us, despite us dashing through some scenes in fear. The scenes are creatively designed and immediately suck you into them when you enter such as the creepy doll room, clowns around every corner, doctor’s office with screaming patients, indoor corn trail, or the eerie living room/kitchen area. This haunt offers no dead spots during the experience although you may be so scared you start wishing for a moment to reset. But it is The Scream Chamber’s mission to make sure you stay engaged, and they more than fulfill that mission! Every single scene had my group & I screaming and jumping. I am not ashamed to say I was terrified at times and so were the others in my group. At the end the actors hand you a glowing marker to sign the walls that are lit by strategically placed blacklights. If you want to be scared, this haunted mansion called The Scream Chamber will deliver!



The actors at the Scream Chamber were professional, very enthusiastic and clearly having a great time! I was shocked at the number of actors- there were so many! Every scene had at least 2 actors and some scenes would have 5 or more. Many times the actors would be so well hidden and then would dash at our group quickly. I was wishing I purchased the touch pass when I experienced how interactive the actors were with the group. The actors really made the haunt and were relentless when it came to scaring the audience. In the waiting area there was a guy on stilts with a very professional costume and a Jason (who I also saw in the haunt) who played the role perfectly. A small shack sits among the waiting area and Jason was lurking in the shed. I spotted him and questioned if he was real or not. That is great acting and this was before I even went into the haunt itself. Inside the haunt was no exception- every single actor knew their role and played it to the fullest. It is evident that the actors at the Scream Chamber are industry professionals and I thoroughly enjoyed watching each of their performances



The Scream Chamber offers a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. The productions, costumes, makeup, effects and scenes are clearly well thought out and all original. This is definitely a spot that The Scream Chamber shines! Being located in a 200 year old mansion with suspected paranormal activity in combination with the unique Scream Chamber production makes this haunt rise in originality!



This was my first year at The Scream Chamber but it definitely will not be my last. The love for haunting is evident in every employee of The Scream Chamber and my visit there will not be soon forgotten. I felt welcome and invited into the eerie atmosphere from the moment I pulled into the parking lot. If you truly want to experience a haunt that can make you scream- Go to The Scream Chamber. The Scream Chamber also offers an Overnight Investigations option where you can experience a behind the scenes tour and learn more about the paranormal history of the mansion. This is definitely something I would consider in the future-- and if you are a true haunt fan you should too! Whether it’s The Scream Chambers Haunted Mansion or the Overnight Investigations tour- you do not want to miss it!


I have been to alot of haunts and there was something different about The Scream Chamber, a good difference. Maybe it's the suspect paranormal activity, or the well thought out scenes, or the large number of actors in every scene -- all I know is the scare factor was there. In fact it was overwhelming and even disorienting at times. Which is a great thing in a haunt, much better than the opposite. I almost wish I could have gone through twice because there was so much to see, so many scenes to take in. In certain scenes I was still recovering from the scene before. Like when in the toxins scene, I was overwhelmed by the smell and unable to completely soak in all that was around me. That is no fault of The Scream Chamber as they engaged all my senses, including the smell- my weakness. It would be cool if the haunt offered an unlimited entry option for an additional cost. WIth the waiting area provided and the amazing haunt, I would be willing to pay an extra cost to go through the haunt multiple times. There were so many actors and something literally around every corner- I was amazed at how immersed I was in the experience. I never felt hurried by the actors but more so due to the adrenaline from the very realistic scenes. I simply wish I personally would have slowed down in certain scenes to absorb my surroundings more. All I can say is that will lead to me making sure I stop by The Scream Chamber every single year to see more!

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