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Welcome to Red Vein… I mean Camp Ashland: where the camp counselors welcome you in to join the party with ghosts, gouls, goblins, and psycho killer clowns! Not only do you get the full hands-on camp experience, but you also venture into the carnEVIL land where you’ll meet some, uh… special “friends” through your journey of this 30+ minute walk-through! 


I would like to acknowledge and commend the Actors at Red Vein. Counselor “Krazy Keith” greeted us upon arrival and really set the mood for what we had in store as we arrived to Camp. He does great at his job and I wanted to give a special shout out! All other the actors had a particular role and they executed perfectly despite running into other groups on our trip through the camp.


After purchasing tickets, you’ll enter the midway where there was a live band, food, vendors, and more! Proceeding through the midway, you will be greeted by a couple Camp Ashland Counselors. They guided us to the entrance of the official que line, where you wait to enter and meet the other counselors and monsters that lurk inside. Red Vein does a great job at setting the mood from the moment you cross the bridge. 


There is a TON to look at while inside, and you won’t be disappointed. One of my personal favorite spots was the swamp! The lights, sounds, and actor were all phenomenal is this short patch of the haunt. You will come to a couple points of the haunt where Red Vein does a great job at stopping the groups to give a precursor of what could possibly come next. This is a great method to get your adrenaline going and to separate the groups from running into each other. The actors at the checkpoints do a really great job and stay in character the whole time! Don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes for the party inside!!


Overall, Red Vein has an incredible concept and executes it flawlessly. Their lights, sounds, special effects, use of animatronics, theme and actors all get the highest praises from me! This is a haunt that I’ll definitely be back to and one that I highly suggest going to for a fun night out, a good scare, and a couple laughs along your way through the trail. Don’t hesitate to make the trip to Ashland, VA and enjoy the horrors that lurk amongst the woods of Camp Ashland / Red Vein, you won’t be disappointed!

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