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I luckily got to make it out to PV Slaughterhouse in Rainsville, Alabama.

PV is a smaller type haunt in a small little town that packs a HUGE punch.

You won’t find elaborate scenes and sets, you won’t find polished detailed scenes or animatronics. You will run into intense, gritty, aggressive monsters who will give you that old fashion scare.



Pv doesn’t offer much of a midway or Que-Line experience other than rolling up to a creepy old building on probably the 2nd “blackest” road that I’ve ever been on. Just the sounds of distant screams from within the walls of PV just sets the tone of what’s to come. Not every haunt needs an extravagant midway or Que experience for it to be a great haunt. PV sure proves that! But a little something for future years wouldn’t hurt.


Pv truly is what I consider an old fashion type haunt. They rely heavily on the actors and their performances. That being said, PV offers some really unique scenes throughout the experience. One of them being the classroom, I walked into this scene and didn’t even realize what I walked into. Once I realized it was a classroom setting, I was being pelted by rolled up paper balls from the little piglets in the classroom. Definitely a unique scene for sure and they played off really nicely. A lot of the props are on the old and worn out side, but don’t let that fool you. They absolutely serve a purpose when it comes to the gritty, aggressive style haunt.


PV was around a 26-minute experience. For $15 or $20 bucks, that is definitely worth the money when it comes to the quality scares and intensity that you will experience.

PV is very interactive and they have no problems including putting your front and center of the show. Whether it’s having a detailed conversation with the nurse in the waiting room, having to help the doctor with an operation, getting to know “Bronc” out in the yard, the intimidating giant in the bus and being  taught a lesson by Professor Pigman. PV is very interactive with it’s victims, I mean guests.

I advise the glow necklace option because it truly allows you to get in on the experience. You will get bloody, you will be messed with more so than the other patrons who are not wearing a glow necklace. You come to a haunt to get it’s full potential, so why not take advantage of it when offered? 

The flow and transitions to each scene were very smooth for the most part. It mostly had that old schoolhouse vibe. A few scenes felt a little awkward in placement, but that didn't take away from the experience once you are within the action.

PV definitely offers that intense and up close and personal experience. If that freaks you out…. Good. It should.


The actors since my previous visit have definitely stepped up their game. They were on us, around us and they never stopped until we left the scene. You will encounter numerous ear piercing screams. Some had us asking ourselves, “Why did you have to do that right in my ear?”

1 or 2 typically serves its purpose but when you get to 5 or more, it does become a little redundant especially when done directly in our ear. Also, some actors need to be careful using their props. Had a slight little incident with a meat grinder but luckily nothing serious came out of it. Just a live and learn scenario for the actor. I really did enjoy the interaction and participation that the actors forced us to be a part of. I want to give a few shout outs to the actors in the area where the cage is. We had to walk in what seemed to be a chute of some sorts. The clowns and his interaction were great. My favorite scene definitely goes to the classroom with the little pigs throwing paper and the awkward janitor trying to sweep our feet while “Professor Pigman” shows his frustration towards us for interrupting his class.


PV is very original and creative. They are one of those haunts that proves you can do more with less and put on a downright scary show. These are truly my favorite type of haunts. It’s 100% actor driven and I can’t wait to see what PV does from here.



PV is a haunt on the smaller side of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch when it comes to quality scares. PV packs a huge punch and they’ve upped their game in 2020 with a new experience. My last trip out here was in 2019 and it’s almost completely different in just that time. PV is on the right track to becoming a destination haunt in Alabama.


When I first came out to PV, I considered it a hidden gem. As they have grown the last few years with getting their name out there. More and more people are beginning to ask Scurryface about it. The cat is slowly beginning to get out of the bag. Which is a GREAT thing. I truly believe PV is on the right track when it comes to their show. I want to see them continue to expand and get better. That requires some actor work here and there in spots. Some seemed a little timid, some got really comfortable with what we call “Stare Scares”. Some you could tell were a little nervous when trying to interact with us. But, our visit was on opening night and that definitely could explain the nervousness. I also think eventually PV will need to add a little something out front. As the crowds get larger and more and more people start finding out who PV is. Something offered out front whether it be an actor or two, projection screen showing movies, photo ops, vending etc… That will definitely help while patrons wait to go inside.

2021 OVERALL SCORE: 8.53


SCORE 2: 8.5


SCORE 3: 8.8


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