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There's nothing more eerie and unsettling than the old haunted plantations scattered throughout the deep south. The same can be said about the CSRA's number 1 haunted house, Plantation Blood located in Augusta, Georgia.

Before even entering onto the property you are greeted and parked by their very own Chains the Clown. After being parked I couldn't help but notice their newly built ticket booth. The new design features a bright and flashy sign so you know exactly where to go. Even these buildings on the outside are enough to have your imagination running wild as to what's lurking just on the other side of the wall.

As I entered into the hectic midway I was immediately met by the screams of other customers being hunted by the midway actors. As always I wasn't disappointed to see the return of the infamous Punky the Clown as part of the midway entertainment as well as a new clown, Foxine. Together this chaos couple ran the crowds. Aside from the actors there was also a live band providing music for those waiting in line. If you can't stomach this gruesome haunt and lose your lunch fear not because the Plantation Cafe offers a variety of food, drinks, and candy options at a reasonable price. Alongside the Cafe there were also vendors which featured different fall favorite treats. Overall this midway is it's own entity that provides the best entertainment for their waiting victims.

As I start my journey into the actual house itself the first room offered to take pictures of the whole group as a free souvenir. Continuing further inside they spared no expense when it came to decorations and design. Each room in this massive haunt tells its own story through the use of intricate props and actors. It goes without saying that this year's casting of the young actor in the doll room exceeded all expectations as well as the mortician who was absolutely phenomenal. Something else that caught my attention was the new addition of their 3D clown house. The staff at Plantation Blood definitely took advantage of using a whole building to bring this creepy and colorful circus world to life. For those who have a fear of clowns this new expansion will leave your blood running cold.

All in all Plantation Blood has ramped up the scare factor from previous years. This must see Augusta haunt leads you on a 25 minute tour leads you through a labyrinth of several buildings and even takes you through a mineshaft 6 feet underground. With a ticket price of $25 general admission or $45 fast pass makes it a great value for your experience. From the time you arrive to the time you leave this family friendly haunted house will keep you on your toes for you never know which creatures are stalking in search of their next victim.

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