We are nearing the end of my 2021 Haunt Tour and I can’t think of a better haunt to visit on the home stretch than Paranoia Haunted House in Canton, Georgia.

My first visit to Paranoia was in 2014 when it was in Marietta, Ga. It was in an old grocery store with a black short bus tearing around in the parking lot while metal music blasted throughout the area. It was great then while offering two attractions and a smaller version of their opening ceremony that you see today. My goodness have they improved and grown throughout the years. Paranoia is definitely no stranger to consistently being ranked in our top 5 year after year. 

That is a testament of their dedication to always improving and finding innovative ways to outdo themselves season after season!

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Opening ceremonies are becoming quite popular throughout the industry. Over the years I’ve had the honor of experiencing many of them throughout the country. Some are small and simple while others are extravagant and over the top. Paranoia earns its place in the “Go all out” category.

If haunting were considered the Olympics, Paranoia would be the opening ceremony to the games!

The anticipation and excitement that this haunt builds up prior to opening is incredible. I spoke with many different people waiting in line who were busting at the seams with excitement. The most common remark from patrons, “This is like waiting to get into the concert to see my favorite band.”

They do an incredible job with getting you amped prior to the actual experience.

This season they offer two attractions, The Void and Suffering.

Two completely different styles but yet they compliment each other.

Both offer insane amounts of detail, eye candy and spectacular visuals throughout. 


I really enjoyed this portion, actually it was my favorite of the two. As detailed and immersive this attraction is, I love the simplicity of what makes it tick. Simple scares and diversions make Suffering an extremely impactful experience for patrons. We encountered multiple great startles throughout from actors and actresses who have perfected the whole statue stance then pounce technique. At times, we were convinced certain actors were in fact not real. Boy were we wrong!

There was a moment within this portion that got me 3 times within 12 steps. The lanterns were a great touch as the actors utilize the darkness to stay hidden, you won’t see them unless they want to be seen. That definitely is very effective when you as  the patron are so immersed into this attraction.

The Void

Even though I said Suffering was my favorite of the two, don’t let that take away from this attraction. The Void is an intense, industrial nightmare that never lets up. This attraction as well is very immersive and detailed where it seems with every step you’re running into an actor or a great prop scare within the scene. The one thing that did slightly hinder the experience is the conga line we encountered within this attraction. Once we caught the group in front, it turned into a 20 plus person group. I know it’s hard to prevent it on nights where you have 2,500 people out front waiting to get in. But just being honest with it, conga lines are the biggest experience killer, not only for patrons, but for actors as well. 

 I did enjoy the change in the beginning of this attraction from previous years and I thoroughly enjoyed the new inside que of this experience. Even while in that portion, the music is bumping, fog is blasting, lights are going nuts and then you add in the new massive LED screen right at the entrance. A HUGE upgrade from previous years.


All together both attractions offer great scares with a true immersive experience while at the sametime being completely different from one another.

The makeup and costuming is outstanding from top to bottom with each character. You get detail and 100% originality with this talented group of haunters. 

They didn’t make big time changes for the actual trail experience, but did notice a huge increase in numbers of actors and the actor performances. This year, they just seemed much more intense and utilized their scenes and surroundings more than in years past. Dead spots were one of Paranoia’s hitches in the past, not this year. You could definitely tell Paranoia spent time with the actors leading up to the season. It proved to pay off during our experience!

Great job to the actors and actresses of Paranoia!


Once you complete both attractions, it dumps you off into the Merch building where they offer a wide variety of items, shirts, candles, sculpted skulls (which we bought one) , creepy dolls plus much more. Then you enter a room filled with pumpkins that allows you to take your own pictures with friends.

After that, you are welcomed to the Paranoia Midway.

This is a legit Midway experience. It’s in the middle of the two attractions. So it serves the name properly. Here is where you get a whole different experience than you would out in front of the haunt. This is the dance party of dance parties. Carnival games, live DJ, foam, bubbles, “Fogbles”. It’s simply a fun atmosphere to be in, even the actors here are having a great time, dancing and interacting with patrons throughout the night. 

I love how Paranoia keeps things in sections, the scary more intense actors out front for that Queline and the dancing, fun actors within the midway. Another worthy thing to mention is, if you’ve ever been to Paranoia you know how loud it is when it comes to the music. It still amazes me how the different styles of music never bleed over or blend with the music out front.

The Midway at Paranoia is compact, but gives you the opportunity to hang out and have a great time throughout the entire night with your friends!

In closing;

Dave, Keith and the entire crew have huge plans for future seasons. I was honored to somewhat be let in on some of the plans and let me tell you. It’s going to be “YUGE”. Expansions, upgrades, facelifts, the plans are great and I can’t wait to see it all unfold!

Especially with what they do in the midway and out front. I do think it’s time to possibly revamp the inside portion considering it’s been pretty similar for a few years now. Knowing Dave and crew, that will be on the docket as well! Never underestimate this team when it comes to innovation and change.

With Paranoia’s growth and future plans, can we simply just rename Canton, Georgia to Paranoia, Georgia.

That simply just has a better ring to it in my opinion.

In 2021,

Paranoia as a whole was hands down one of the best haunt experiences I had out of the entire tour.

Forget being one of the best in the Southeast. Paranoia is one of the best haunts in the country!

2021 Must See Georgia Haunt!

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