Since our beginning, we have been reviewing haunts based on industry experienced criteria, a category format and a scoring system. It was a great tool and formula throughout the years that has done very well not only for us, but for haunts throughout the industry. With our tremendous growth here in recent years. Beginning in 2022 Scurryface will transition into a new style of reviewing haunted attractions. We will do away with categories and scoring from official reps. It will be done as experience articles. Which will include their personal experience, what they thought was great, not so great or what could be improved. This will not only give the haunts something better to promote to their followers, it will relate to our audience on more of a personal level. Almost 80% of our readers and followers are consumers of the industry. That's who we do the reviews for. As for scoring, it will remain, but will NOT be done by the rep who is there on an announced official visit. The scoring will be done by our "Secret Reps". As of 2021, we have 62 secret reps spread out between 7 states and we will be adding more to the our team throughout 2022. What makes this work so well is the fact the haunts will not know they are there, therefore the show will be in its truest form as it's intended to be. Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, will be visited multiple times throughout the season by these secret reps and will be given multiple scores. These scores will be averaged out at the end to determine their final score and potential spot in the rankings. We are very excited about this change because it will give our reps the creative freedom to professionally write their true thoughts out on the experience that they just had without being constricted by our past strict criteria.