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This year, I was ecstatic to be returning to one of my favorite haunts in Alabama. In the past, the creators, actors, and staff had wowed me with their creativity, ingenuity, and just a genuine and obvious love for what they were doing. As such they had already set the bar pretty high before I ever got on site. I had initially intended to go earlier in the month, but life got in the way and I ultimately found myself arriving on a really busy Friday night on Halloween weekend, known to those of us in the industry as “hell week”.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Hammerman, their actor coordinator. He was happy to take a moment out of his very busy night to discuss the event and the new frights they had implemented for the 2022 season. While talking with him, we enjoyed watching a few ghouls interact and terrify the waiting crowd. As it neared time for us to enter the haunt, we headed over to the bar to grab some drinks and peruse their merch. They offered an array of options including an adorable tank top that I am still regretting not getting. From there, we proceeded to the entrance.

One of the main differences I noticed right away was that in the past, they had three mazes with separate entrances. This years’ event combined all three areas into one really long trail and I am totally here for it. It really streamlined everything and I didn’t feel like I had to just keep waiting in line over and over again. As we entered the haunt with our group we were told to line up with our backs against the wall while we were informed of the rules. This was apparently way to much excitement for one member of our group, as he nope'd right on out before we ever even got inside.

Once inside, we were greeted with an array of horrific and sometimes hilarious characters. They were extremely interactive, providing way more than the typical jump scares. Some of the creatures were even kind enough to offer us samples of their dinner and other interesting libations. My favorite encounter was with the “bunny girl” who offered to exchange not biting us for a hug. Our trek through the maze was filled with screams, laughter, and a hell of a lot of fun. The trail and characters are original, creative, and frightfully fun. It is obvious around every turn that everyone involved loves what they are doing, are passionate about the event, and makes it their mission to make sure that every victim….I mean guest…has a fantastic time.

After the main event, we decided to head into Mad Pies Pizzeria, the restaurant attached to the haunt for a quick bite. The pizza was phenomenal. Mad Pies Pizzeria is open year round and I highly recommend checking them out.

I had a slashtastic time at Nightmare at 3008 again this year. They have been at the top of my list of must see haunts for several years now and it is no accident. They know what they are doing and it just keeps getting better and better. They have events throughout the year, in addition to the main haunt for the Halloween season, as well. We attended the Valentine’s event earlier this year and had an absolute ball. You will never be disappointed!

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