Want to know why I love my job at Scurryface? It’s because I get to travel to parts of the country that I never thought I’d get to see. For example, places like Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Then you add in that I get invited to haunts like the one we are going to talk about right now, Nightfall Haunted Territory.

Before we get too deep with this article, let me ask another question and it’s an important one before you visit Nightfall. 

Do you like scary movies?.........

If so, then Nightfall is your one stop shop when it comes to horror movie nostalgia. 

They pay homage to as many horror movies as possible throughout the entire experience with a splash of original, unique scares as well.

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Nightfall is on an actual lake and their midway sits right on the edge. You can enjoy a full bar and menu at The Pro Shop while you take in the view of the moonlight reflecting off the surface of the water while hearing screams deep within the woods.

While we were there hanging out, we had the honor of meeting and talking with Gambit, Rod and Roger and let me tell you. The hospitality was incredible, they absolutely love what they do and they love the industry. They put so much into Nightfall and I’m here to tell you, it pays off with one hell of a show! Not only do they love what they do, they want to support haunts everywhere. They have the mindset of all of them coming together and cross promoting and that’s what it’s all about! That’s what Scurryface is all about!

Haunts coming together like that only makes everyone stronger and paves the path to further success and growth!

Gambit and Rob are HUGE fans of horror movies and they get to bring their fandom to life with Nightfall. So with my experience in the industry, I’m now in a pickle when it comes to Horror Icons in a haunt. This could go really great or really bad considering how tough and strict I am with haunts putting Icons in the haunt. I’m a firm believer that if a haunt adds Icons to the show, they better serve the character justice and look and act the part. I’ve seen haunts half ass these characters, for example; I’ve witnessed a Michael Myers wearing jeans and a black hoodie. A 5’6 Jason Voorhees that growled while sporting Vans. A Freddy with a party city mask with a bass pro shop trucker hat, a cheap plastic glove from the late 80’s, while wearing sweatpants and sporting a Nightmare Before Christmas sweater. The Nun in a corset sporting stripper boots (Bless her heart) Wait, that actually might have been at the gentlemens club on costume night. I don’t know, I go to so many places between September and November.. Anyway, I’ve seen some weird adaptations of these Icons. So now that I’m at a haunt that’s 98% horror characters… Needless to say, I was a little worried at first.

It all begins as you cross the bridge of the lake and this bridge sets the tone as it rocks side to side with every step.

First two scenes after the bridge, that worry turned into excitement as we passed through two Crystal Lake scenes and I was highly impressed with the scene setup and the 2 Jason’s that came out. A nod to two different versions of Jason and they did a great job on the movements of the characters and they looked the part!

The experience took around 40 to 45 minutes to complete and Nightfall offers so many movie references and nods, I’m not going to name them all, but I will spotlight some that really stood out to me.

The Bates Motel offered one of the best Norman Bates portrayals that I’ve ever seen. The scenery and setup was great!

The Overlook Hotel from the Shining, this scene walkthrough was detailed and many nods to the movie throughout, plus multiple great startles and scares.

The Creeper section was fun and the actor did a great job on the character. One thing I think could help improve that section is have the speakers play the creeper whistling “Jeepers Creepers” on repeat.

The nod to Sinister with the bodies hanging from the tree was cool to see and Mr. Boogie did a great job with his pop scares.

The Nun scene which was completed literally right before our arrival was an epic scare to a few in our group. I also found out that the Nun scene replaced the Candyman scene. I would have loved to see a quality Candyman scene setup in a haunt. I’ve never seen Candyman attempted at a haunt before and that’s on my bucket list of things to experience.

Silent Hill was a great nod and mainly due to the actress portraying the nurse out front while the siren echoed throughout the trees. Biggest thing I noticed with Silent Hill was Pyramid Head not in an accurate costume other than his head gear. That being said, I know Pyramid Head is NOT easy to recreate and could be expensive.

Now down to the two that had me fist pumping in the air like I was Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club.

Freddy Krueger, what do most haunts associate Freddy with when it comes to the scene?

The Boiler Room, it’s cliche and it’s used 99% of the time. Not at Nightfall, they give the nod to A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2. You will find Freddy on an 80’s style school bus terrorizing and taunting patrons as they walk by. His movements were spot on, the voice was great and his appearance was spot on. I also like how they kept it dark so you couldn’t see the total details of the mask. Freddy is hard to recreate in a haunt when it comes to his face. The cherry on top of this scene was that I wanted Freddy to call me a “Bitch”. Freddy delivered as we walked past him and he said “Come to Freddy, bitch”.

The second huge fist pump was Halloween……. But not Michael Myers, not yet.

We walked through a den typesetting with a TV playing, on the couch were three characters wearing a pumpkin, witch and skeleton mask. Instantly I knew this was a nod to Halloween 3 and I got so excited because I’ve NEVER seen this attempted in a haunt. Funny that I knew what it was then I heard a guy in our group say “Oh, this is from Halloween 5”.. I turned around and said “Halloween 5? Bro, do you even horror?” 

The scene is short lived before you get into Haddonfield to face off with Michael, but this was an impactful nod to the franchise that had me excited!

In closing;

Nightfall Haunted Territory is in its 4th season and they have a massive following at such a young haunt age and they have a great thing going for them. It’s not the type of haunt that has the mindset of “We don’t do movie characters, we do our own thing.” It’s the type of haunt that LOVES horror movies and they bring it to life for you to experience. 

It's also worth mentioning that they play the scores and themes to the movies throughout each scene you experience.

The nostalgia of Nightfall will have horror fans everywhere clapping their hands at the end. Except “The Halloween 5 guy” in our group. I’d rather have a colonoscopy than to ever hear that reference again.

I love the vision that Gambit and his crew came up with and I can’t wait to see what the future holds with Nightfall Haunted Territory! 

Oklahoma Must See Haunt for sure!



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