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This was my 4th time going through Hex House, but my very first review on it, and I’m so glad I decided to! The location is in a run-down strip mall in a somewhat-eerie side of town; it’s the perfect place for a haunt of this size. There is always enough parking, signage, and security to get you where you need to go




Security is completely before walking until ticketing/ queue, which I really appreciate. It prevents any chaos if someone needs to get turned away or return an item to the car and does it at a time where tensions are relatively low. There are several porta-johns, which were clean. The ticketing booth and lines have easy-to-read signage, and the lines are setup in the traditional general/fast pass method. One thing I did have a curiosity about was that it seemed as though they allowed one group for general in, then one group from fast pass, which only expedited the line by nature of less folks purchasing the fast pass. The actors in the line were going ALL IN for entertainment—I have never seen this level of engagement! They were climbing on the structures and barriers, crawling under the gates, and full-on dancing with patrons. Very entertaining and a very high level of commitment to the entertainment. I was told there is also occasionally a DJ as well.


There are some truly unique scenes in this haunt that feel so immersive you lose track of reality. Wonderful use of animatronics and puppets, with some great timing on prop utilization as well. Some of the floor triggers were posed as easily visible but were distractions for the real scare coming around a corner—great work! All the actors had great costumes and makeup, with no one being out of place. I always appreciate the way this haunt integrates the real-life stories of the Hex House within the haunt—and does so in a way that removes artificial scares to focus on the “real scares—that gets me every time. Solid work.



This is the scariest haunt in the Tulsa region that I have experienced thus far. The flow, timing, and groupings worked perfectly and added a lot of dimension to the attraction. The actors did a wonderful job of interjecting to correct group spacing without making it look as such as well as telling a larger story. With there being 3 separate attractions in this haunt, the cost is well worth the money as we were actively walking through for approximately 40 minutes. Me and my coworker in attendance were walking incredibly slow but had no issues allowing other groups to pass us and continue the journey. Very strong sense of quality regarding the entire walkthrough experience



Absolutely exceptional! I had heard from acquaintances in the industry that Hex House is the most difficult to become a speaking actor in, and now I completely understand why—the caliber of actors is incredible! I have truly never done through a haunt with some much chemistry

between actors who were able to just play off of anything and everything a patron was giving them. Each actor was willing to go above and beyond their scene, following into the next to ensure that there were no dead spots or unintentional lack of interaction. Hex House actors make the haunt! They were all extremely verbal with no forbidden/overused phrases. It’s no wonder that these folks come back year after year because they were wonderful! I cannot say enough good other than you should just go see for yourself!


There is no other Hex House, and the true story is local. Very creative and using some cutting edge tactics inside the attraction. I want to shoutout the new VR experience this year, which allows you to take home a viewer to use outside of Hex if you so choose. I’m so excited to see where the VR experience goes in the future as it was a three-year design process (and a damn sturdy design if I do say so myself!) and took many folks coming together to make it happen. If you decide to go, I recommend the 3 Haunt Combo + VR Speed Pass package to get the most of your experience!