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Face Your Fears: Hotel of Horror entered into its 9th year in 2021. It grew from what locals (and enthusiasts) know as a paranormal hotel. A hot spot for ghost hunters and haunt seekers alike. This Hotel was abandoned in 1940, but before that it held some of the most horrific crimes of torture performed by a brother/sister duo of evil descent. Slowly creep your way down the winding roads of Springfield, Ohio and make your way to a nightmare of sorts. Its growing every year... off the fears of its inhabitants.


Midway/Que-line experience

No worries about parking, there's plenty with a donation of  $2. Also, plenty of Port a Potties for when the crap is scared out of you. Virtual que-line waiting had its rise last year and I love that it has stayed. It’s a nice treat to be able to walk around and enjoy other things while still holding a spot for you in line. Face Your Fears has plenty to keep you busy while you wait. Total wait time was close to 2 and a half hours on a Saturday night. It took close to 20minutes to go through the hotel. We were a small group of 4, 2 chose a touch option for $2 more and 2 opted out. We did not have an issue with catching up to another group, although at the end, another group had ran and caught up with us as we headed out. Tickets are reasonably priced with a general admission ticket being at $20, and Fast pass & vip  for a little more. Touch passes are available for $2 extra.
The Mid way features a large fire pit with ample seating scattered about the area, a few carnival rides, "dart the balloon game" for prizes, food truck with some unique choices, original artwork and on site caricatures for sale by a local artist, t shirts and hoodies. Plenty to keep you busy while waiting your turn to check into this hellish hotel. A few creatures roamed through the crowds, interacting with patrons before returning to the hotel. I didn’t notice many, but the ones I saw were hard at work creeping around. Customer service was amazing. From the parking attendants, ticket sales ,the actors, the food services to the onsite security (local police officer), everyone was helpful.  


Walk Through Experience
Upon entering the hotel, you quickly find yourself on an elevator being taken to the varied locations of screams in the distance. The elevator ride itself was adrenaline pumping. Once the doors open, you are greeted with the knowledge there is no turning back. As you begin to push through room to room, witnessing some pretty morbid scenes, the fears promised terror begins. With tons of eye catching animatronics and well placed creatures, the scenes are thriving with creativity. I was forewarned by a previous patron to beware of the 7 ft tall pigman, which  scooped her husband up like a ragdoll and carried him off into the darkness. Spoiler alert* He exists*! I found him, and I ran from him. If he doesn’t get you, I'm sure one of the many other body snatchers will. I lost 3 in my group, no mercy given.

The characters makeup and costumes were frighteningly creative. The rooms did not disappoint with extra details that were just enough to get your imagination rolling.

The actors took care not to break character and interacted with everyone in the group. With my group having 2 touch and 2 not touch, I was worried the "not touch" people would be ignored. Rest assured, no one got ignored. Costumes and makeup were on point and hung with each rooms themed torture.

Eye Candy/ Visuals

The animatronics were wild! Some were intimidatingly large, helping to build suspense to the next room. The glowing paint in some areas was easy on the eyes but hard on the nerves due to helping hide lurking heathens.  




What better way to spend a murky October night than to visit a haunted hotel? After sitting abandoned since 1940, this hotel has taken on a new life as “Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror”. This is not your everyday haunted attraction. This is an actual haunted hotel with all the bells and whistles expected from a top notch haunt. Their website tells the story of a pair of nefarious siblings torturing and murdering men, women, and children for years.  That is, until they were found out and met their demise at the hands of a town gone rogue. I won't spoil the story for you, have a look at it for yourself on their website before you go. It's well worth the read, as well as a visit. With plenty of creatures, demented humans, and ghostly presence, this is a must see experience.

Personal Thoughts

I loved this whole experience. I don’t easily scare, but am a sucker for the jump scares. I enjoyed being able to spend more time admiring the visual effects in each area. I feel like this haunt screams “future premium haunt”. The owners said they are still growing and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. I highly recommend grabbing a friend (or a frenemy) and heading over to support the hell they're raising.