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My haunt tour this week takes us to Fright Nights WV in Daniels, WV. A haunt that I recently got the opportunity to experience last year, but from the moment I left, I was immediately counting down the days til I could come back and check out this haunted attraction again. It’s a 4 hour drive for me, but well worth the interstate drive. There are a cornucopia of scenic visuals to stimulate your brain along the way...beautiful West Virginia changing leaf foliage, overhead train railway bridges and cornfields for miles. Did I mention it’s also on the grounds of an older hotel called The Resort at Glade Springs? Think Dirty Dancing meets The Shining. All work and no play made you a little dull? Don’t give yourself cabin fever because here you’ll soon be having the time of your life...however, long (or short) that may be....


Midway Experience:


The midway at Fright Nights WV is heavily toned down from previous seasons due to Covid restrictions. Most of their games that were formerly there have been removed to comply with safety guidelines. They do have an area where guests can play cornhole while they wait to enter the haunt. If you arrive early before the haunt officially opens its doors for walkthroughs, you can mingle with several of their characters on midway. Make sure you say hello to Giggles the clown as she creeps throughout the crowds. She has a one of a kind personality, making gore look precious with her charmingly disturbing mannerisms. Fright Nights WV has a merchandise area for all of your t-shirt and light up souvenir needs and a concessions booth, in case, you need a snack while waiting for your time slot to enter the haunt. They have almost everything you can think of: cheese sticks, funnel cakes, BBQ, hot chocolate...even Jell-O shots and beer. A fire pit is also available to gather around on those chilly mountain nights. All of these additions help ease your wait making it seem like no extended amount of time at all. Side note: Fright Nights WV has the best timed crowd control management that we have experienced at any scare attraction we have visited this season so far. They focused on fulfilling the customers’ needs and getting them inside the haunt for a spooktacular, entertaining experience.

Walk Through Experience:



VIP: $45




This attraction is exactly what it claims to be: a classic, old and abandoned, western ghost town. Full of ghastly bartenders serving radioactive cocktails, a poker playing, Russian roulette ready cowboy who was dealt a bad hand, insalubrious ghoulish brothel workers and a high spirited skeleton bank robber. Hang on to your hats, your money and your souls because these fiends are out for all three.



Camp Killame is a newly featured theme this season. It’s a slasher summer camp set up, which makes customers feel like they are experiencing an immersive walkthrough of a Friday the 13th sequel or an episode of American Horror Story: 1984. There are counselor corpses littered about around the archery targets and school buses, taunting teens (we fully understand why Jason came for these bullies) and a chainsaw wielding villain bent on carnage. The only means of escaping is to trek through a twisting corn maze. Keep an eye out for those stilt walking, stalking scarecrows.



The glow in the dark staircase combined with the enormous T-Rex skeleton at the entrance is enough to give you an idea of what insanity lies in store for you. While this area isn’t new to the Fright Nights WV trail, the recent tweaks and additions they have added this season helped this freak show portion become one of customers’ favorite parts of the haunt. Don’t let the creepy antique toy room and that mummified mermaid distract you, you never know when Chuckles, Gacy’s creepy clown cousin is going to be slinking through the shadows, biding his time to pounce at you. If he doesn’t get you, the black lit jungle will! Just imagine a neon orange Donkey Kong swinging from the rafters, barreling towards you. It’s like being trapped inside Willy’s Wonderland with no Nicholas Cage to save you. 10/10 guaranteed future nightmares with this one!



Cue the lunatics and Christmas? Trust us. It works. This part of the attraction is themed to resemble a barren mental hospital with several left over deranged psychiatric patients and the nefarious doctors who treated them. All of them begging you to help assist in their unhinged procedures. Brace yourself. You’re in for a “shocking” encounter.



Hexed is another recent addition to Fright Nights WV. You enter a timeworn, gothic Victorian mansion with collapsing chandeliers and necromancing veiled crones. It’s a stimulated swamp tour as you wander through a green fogged mist full of magic gone wrong on steroids while being pursued by tribalistic mask wearing occultists. The visuals in this segment are exceptionally captivating.


While some might argue that the Fright Nights WV’s total trail time is shorter than several other scare attractions, there is so much detail to visually digest that the limited time frame is barely noticeable. The inside of Fright Nights WV is an overload of the senses. There is so much detail and design forth in this scare attraction. Guests will point out something that wasn’t there before with each walkthrough. The hard work and dedication this team has invested in this project is tremendously distinguishable. Each attraction finds a way to connect itself to the one before it with ease. There is no questioning how you jumped from one scene to the other. There are two check points within the haunt to separate large groups from backing up into one another, so each party gets their own adequate time frame and individual, inclusive horror show. You maybe asking yourself, is it scary? Our answer is YES! There are more than enough frights, chills and laughter for every visitor multiple times over throughout Fright Nights WV. It’s an enticing, riveting reality escape for all with scares from every corner, as well as from below and above. It is well worth the price of admission, if not more.

Eye candy/Visuals:


Frights Nights WV’s quality of makeup, costumes and sets are a complete visual overload and in the best way possible. It’s aesthetically gratifying on all levels. There is so much detail to digest. Each walk through you notice something new that you haven’t seen the time before. The attention to detail is immaculate. From a neon orange orangutan in a black lit jungle to an antique clown doll in an eerily creaking rocking chair to the abnormal sized stilted pagan puppet, they transport haunt goers into an otherworldly universe. Is that a mannequin prop or a living person inside that monster mascot suit propped against the wall? Is that a solid wall barrier or a tricked out facade something will soon be springing out of? At Fright Nights WV, you never know. The keep you guessing at every turn. This haunted attraction has it all...advanced Transworld animatronics, electric poppers, moving Jumanji like bridges, fog machines, strobe lights and literal swinging monkey bars...they understood the assignment. Fright Nights WV is all about warping reality into their twisted illusion and customers will be begging them to do it.



The cast of Fright Nights WV are top tier in scare acting. They used a plethora of techniques to get their frights in such as yelling original verbal catchphrases, jump scares, silent stare stances, stalking from behind the customers in sneak attacks or even head on pursuits. This team kept the scares coming without ever letting up on their high energy levels. Customers really get the sense that the actors at Fright Nights WV are not only here to work, but they are also having fun while they do it. Each cast member hit their perfectly timed scares while never missing their mark. These actors are exceptionally skilled at making each customer feel like they are a part of the show. 



The creativity at Fright Nights WV is commendable and easily noticeable in this one of a kind horror show. This scare attraction is a memorably unique experience for guests. They aren’t afraid to to be experimental with ideas while giving them their own fresh, unprecedented reinvention. Even with cliched concepts such killer summer camps and twisted mental hospitals, Fright Nights WV manages to tweak these areas and make them their very own, standing apart from the rest in a way that will be hard for other haunted attractions to mimic. Don’t get us started on the ghost town bank robbers of the Wild West and the actual swinging jungle monkeys they’ve personally brainstormed up this season. Fright Nights WV not only stays in their own creative lane, but manages to forge an uncharted path for others in the industry to attempt to follow.

Overall Score:


There is no doubt about it. Fright Nights WV is hands down a Must See Haunted Attraction this season. From the moment, you step inside the haunt, it is a thrill ride with a guaranteed roller coaster of’ll scream, you’ll laugh and you’ll definitely want to bring your track shoes, in case, you need to sprint out of there. The set designs, makeup, costuming and props are top notch and nothing less than star quality. This team is highly ranked in their field and on their way to being experts in the haunted house industry. Remember Fright Nights WV’s name because we have a feeling you will be hearing it for many seasons to come!

Reps Personal Thoughts:

Even though, this is only my second year touring Fright Nights WV, it is quickly becoming one of my top anticipated tour stops. The level of creativity, the theatrical talent and the professional artistic quality that is evident here is indescribable. These guys really know how to entertain. This truly is a haunt you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. I would also like to personally thank Fright Nights WV and Ashley Long for the amazing hospitality during my visit...even if they did reawaken my childhood fear of plushie mascots, lol. It was a pleasure having you all unlock my repressed trauma. Although, I’m now sleeping with the light on.


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