2021 Official Score: 8.5

Review Score: 8.4

Score Two: 8.6

Caleb G.

Score Three: 8.5

Sasha J.

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In the heart of downtown Dothan, Alabama-lies a creepy two-story house. If you live in or near Dothan, you may have even drove by it a time or two without realizing what it was. When the season begins, the house is lit up- but just a little bit- in a red glowing light on the top story. If you look closely- you may even see someone or some THING staring back at you from the second floor. Welcome to Frightmares Dothan!

It’s a fairly easy place to find and if you GPS the address it will bring you right to the location. Parking is free and it’s kind-of a “park where you can” situation when the designated lots are filled up- which doesn’t take long. The have a port-o-potty for customer use and this year they have a hot dog truck for the concessions!


*Midway/Que-Line Experience:

Frightmares is a small, family-owned haunt. They don’t have any characters roaming the midway, but still a cool, creepy feel. Frightmares has a “enter” line and an “exit” line where the coax you through the “enter” when it’s time to get your tickets- then out the “exit line” to wait.

Personally, I like that they do it by “groups” --- so when you get your ticket, you don’t have to wait in a line until it’s time… you can walk around, talk to people, use the facilities or whatever you need to do without fear of breaking the line. Then when your “group” is called you just go up to the front and the fun begins!


*Eye Candy/Visuals:

Although most of this house is based out of pure darkness, the designated areas that were lit up were great! Frightmares takes each of those scenes and really makes it their own. Whether it’s the boiler room for Freddy or the place that Jeepers Creeper’s takes your skin, or the box that held the scariest 13 th ghost, The Jackal and the 13 th ghost to be reckoned with, The Pilgrimess- they really did a fabulous job on the areas you are intended to see.




*Walkthrough experience:

Frightmares is like no other haunt I’ve been to. Imagine your sense of sight being taken away from you- imagine having to FEEL your way through a house, literally touching the walls to make your way through- where the only sounds in some places is the pounding of your own heartbeat. The group I was in was great. They put me in the front and the rest of the group was behind me in a “follow the leader” type of formation. I had one hand on the wall and the other in front of me… each of the group behind me had one hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you and one hand on the wall. We tended to walk a little slowly through the house in fear of what was lurking in the dark. Frightmares had all the right jump scares in all the right places. It took us about 20-25 minutes to get through the house. Our group was walking very slowly and no one caught up to us. Frightmares doesn’t feel the need to rush one group after another. They allow each person to get their money’s worth. Adult tickets are $15, Children, Military and First Responders are $12 and Fast Passes are $25.



Although Frightmares isn’t a big haunt, they absolutely work with what they have. You’re first brought into a sanctuary type room for the briefing and rules. Frightmares family literally ALL works there. The youngest, who looked to have been 3 years old, even played his part well as Gage from Pet Cemetery! “First I play with Jud, then Mommy came, and I played with Mommy. We play Daddy?”

For the actors they had, they all looked GREAT and from what I could see in their designated rooms, all of the costumes and props were fantastic! They had all the big-name characters and a few that are in some great movies that was a blast to see!



Frightmares is unlike any haunt I’ve been to before. Frightmares has a way to bring out anxiety – but in a good way. They utilize the space they do have very well. They use the entire house, plus have built on to the “outside.”

A word to the wise, if attending this haunt, I recommend wearing tennis shoes. There is a really cool, yet steep slope that goes to what seems to be a basement. That section is lit up enough where you can see where you’re walking, plus there’s a railway to hold, but you’ll have much better traction.



*Overall Grade: 8.4

Frightmares is always a fun haunt! Look forward to seeing all the changes they make year to year. It always just gets better and better!



*Reviewers Personal Notes:

I always make it a point to go back to Frightmares every year. They always welcome me back with open arms and make me feel like part of the family… but that’s just it. These amazing people at these amazing haunts truly do turn into family. Sure, you look forward to seeing the haunt every year, but you also look forward to seeing the people every year! I MUST take the time to shoutout a young lady that has been there ever since I’ve started reviewing the haunts. She started out in the sanctuary where you go over the safety rules and has now moved up to one of the house haunt actors.

MaKayla – you are a natural! I spotted you right away- after you shoes (or shall I say SHOE) off of me! Literally I jumped and screamed and backtracked- and the person behind me stepped my shoe right off my foot. You have an amazing career in the haunt industry! Thank you ALL for your hospitality and for the screams! See you next season!


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