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This is my first haunt to ever review outside of the southeast and to say the least, it was an awesome adventure and  a thrilling experience. My first review of the season led me to Fright Kingdom located in Nashua, NH. The haunt was very easy to find as they had large signs and lights as well as people directing you into the parking lot. The staff was really great about helping you find parking too. The tickets were sold online only and the parking was free. There was ample room for many people to park as well and it is always nice being able to park right next to the attraction and not having to walk a mile up the road to get there. As you walk through the parking lot, the features of the haunt will become more clear and the excitement starts immediately!



Once you arrive at the line, you will be greeted and informed of safety precautions regarding COVID-19. After this, the actors will make themselves very known and the ones we came across did an excellent job. The outside of the haunt is decorated very appropriately in the fashion of an old castle and there is a particularly large animatronic that stands tall in the center of it all. The midway actors will be your main source of entertainment before you get inside and begin your tour of the building. Once you make it inside of the haunt, the decorations become even more elaborate and will give somewhat of an idea as to what is in store for you and your group. After your check in at the ticket counter, you will continue through a hallway featuring a few creepy crawlies (real one, i should add.) and will arrive at the horror museum that can be found right before you enter the first trail. You are able to take pictures and hangout in this area as long as you’d like to. There are also nice little fun facts about some of the exhibits in the museum. Our wait time was very short as we did arrive at the opening time. Once you exit the haunt, there is a little stand where you can write down your favorite part about the haunt. Always nice when a haunt wants feedback from their guests! A gift shop with plenty of different goodies and a couple of food stands will also be present. There is also another stand where you are able to purchase original art pieces by a local artist. They also have a few picnic tables to rest at before you leave or to use while you eat. This is also the best time to take pictures with the outdoor actors as they have a couple of props, such as a large pumpkin or a large animatronic to pose with.



This haunt does a great job of immersing you inside of its world from the moment you step inside. The makeup and masks were very appropriate and some of them were very unique. The costumes were very well put together and themed accordingly to each of the trails. The animatronics in this place are something else. Some of which I’ve not seen before. The first one you come across will be right before you enter the first trail. I would also like to point out that haunt did a great job of covering up extension cords and things of that nature that would take away from the immersion. The lighting was all there as well as the sound effects. One part of the haunt featured a doll/mannequin room with an actor dressed and carried so well, I honestly could not tell the actor apart from the props until they began walking. Every prop and animatronic seemed to be very well kept up and cared for. Another costume I would like to highlight was one that seemed to draw inspiration from Leatherface with the whole costume looking as though it was stitched together with “skin” in the same fashion!



Is this haunt scary? Yes, absolutely.  Was this haunt worth the price of admission? 100% without a doubt. This haunt features four different themed trails; the first being Apocalypse Z, a war torn maze featuring undead and biohazards around every corner. Second was Bloodmare Manor, a nightmarish spin on the Victorian era and those who lived in that time. Next was a Psycho Circus, an absolute madhouse featuring illusions and chaotic clowns running the show, and finally, The Abandoned, an old farmhouse in a state of disarray inhabited by a group of… peculiar beings that will have you wondering what is around each corner. ( In that very order.) The haunt does a nice job of making it known when one trail ends and another begins with actors placed at the beginning of the trails to set the overall tone of what you are about to experience. This also helps to prevent the formation of conga lines. I did notice a few spots that were a little bare and could have used an actor's touch to bring them more to life.

I got a pretty good jump scare myself within the first five minutes of my walkthrough! The trails set the tone right out of the gate in this regard. The group ahead of us was being scared left and right! The timing was impeccable! In this haunt, the use of mirrors and illusions played a huge factor in the scare's and in the immersive experience. Our walkthrough took approximately 28 minutes. I was very entertained throughout those 28 minutes. I liked it so much, I wanted to walk through it a second time! I would say you will definitely get your money's worth from this haunt. I would argue you get more! I believe this haunt puts on a great show and that you would be missing out to not give this haunt a go!



I believe this haunt has a very talented group of actors. The timing was great and so were the personalities they gave their characters. As I stated earlier, the haunt does a great job in trying to prevent groups from getting too bunched up to help each group get their own individual experience which also helps the actors have really good timing for their scares which means a better experience for the guest! There was a pretty even mix of actors who were loud and vocal and those that were a little more quiet. The actors that did speak put a nice touch into the dialect and voices of their characters and it is not hard to see that they clearly care about their work which is always appreciated. I cannot stress enough how nice it was to never hear the generic “play with me!” line. I hear it all too often and I did not hear it once throughout my walk through. The dialogue was all fairly original and I appreciate that quite a bit. I think the actors are what truly sells this haunt and makes it so great. A haunt is nothing without a cast to bring it to life and this place seems to really be on board with that concept.



I would like to shine light on how creative the actors were as a whole and a couple of the animatronics I saw were some that I had never encountered in my years prior. I would like to point out that  there is a certain scene in the Bloodmare manor which really put a creative spin to it. It was a jumpscare like I had never seen before. No spoilers just yet! The timing was great on it too! I think the haunt as a whole puts a creative spin on classic horror ideas like psycho clowns and victorian manors that were once inhabited by people and now terrifying ghouls and creatures.



Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend this haunt to any and everyone. Please do not miss out on this experience. This haunt was very satisfying both inside and outside. The staff was extremely friendly as well!



 I was particularly impressed by the horror museum. I have not come across something of that nature in a haunted house before. Having a museum to put you in a spooky mood before you set foot inside of the trails is an excellent idea. There are a couple of actors and scenes I would like to give recognition to for not only the creativity but the performance of the actors as well so be warned, this will have slight spoilers in it.

The haunt will bring you through a long hallway with a few plexiglass panels showcasing a counterpart hallway. When I went to take a closer look, BAM!, an actor showed up and popped the glass revealing themselves. This was my other jumpscare in the haunt and it was arguably my favorite one! Another scene I would like to highlight was in the Bloodmare manor trail. I do not want to spoil too much but I never thought a staircase would bring a grown man to his knees! Truly fantastic! I did notice that some of the animatronics did not fire off on time/at all which may be worth looking into in the future, Not something I’d deduct point for as it is not the haunts fault but I am curious as to what the functions of those animatronics were. Overall, I would go through this haunt again and again. I truly think it is spectacular!

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