This one is hard to find. You drive into a kind of suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of Butler PA. The road is called Eagle Mill and it seems there is just the tiniest sliver that allows street access to Eerie Acres Farm. Once you find your way though, you're in for quite the experience.

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Eerie Acres Farm has one of the best Midways or Lobbies on our tour so far. There is a lot to love and with friends, this place can easily consume your whole night. Not sure if this is a regular thing. On the night we were there, the team did fireworks over the Midway and they were actually pretty exciting. The fire piles offer great coverage of the seating areas. There is a beer tent, food trucks and a built-in concession stand. This is only haunt of the tour so far that has had a stage and that night, there was a DJ spinning remixes of Classic Rock.

Actors - 10

On all occasions of memory except for one, there was at least one actor who interacted with us as a stand-out character in every scene. The one exception was a guy out in the field who only yelled, “Intruders! Why are you here?!”. The absolute actor highlight of the whole tour was the redneck who wanted help looking for his pet Opossum: Gerald. He had us shouting “GERALD!!!” in every direction. When we left the scene up an inclined hallway, he stuck his hand through the slat wall with an Opossum squeaky toy. There was the dentist who didn't want to look at tongues. Another was the Priest who wanted to fit us for coffins in the cemetery. A third example were the Pirates who engaged in swashbuckling punnery. Finally, the Occultists who had us dance for the favor of spirits who would let us live one more day.

Visuals/Eye Candy 

This show was really made by the actors and constructions but, the visuals aren't too shabby either. It's another slat wood construction and corn maze haunt. The corn is tall and encroaching and the house is shadowy and unnerving. There are a few scenes with great flair, though. The scene with “GERALD!!!” included an entire redneck mountain cabin and everything in the yard needed to prepare a fine pig dinner. They built a pirate ship with tall masts and fog-spewing cannons. The cemetery is complete with crypts and a mausoleum.

Walkthrough Experience 

There are two elements to this haunt: a house and a trail. Your journey begins with about two-thirds of the house and after the trail, ends with the last third which is mostly a maze. The first true maze we've encountered all season. This adventure lasts around twenty-three and a half minutes but, could last longer if you keep getting lost in the

maze or shorter if you don't interact with the actors as much. We had a great time throughout the whole thing. There are so many scenes, you'll find something you love and a great set of memories. Parts of the ground under the house are easy to trip on however so, watch your footing.


This category goes for everyone involved and from the Midway through the conclusion of the house. Who would have thought a haunted attraction would do fireworks? How often do you see a Beer Tent at these things? The actors have a flair for the insane and original. If you dance, you get to live and if you listen to the Pirates, you get to laugh. Eerie Acres has a number of obscure props including a dilapidated Amish carriage scattered all through the field.

Overall Score




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