This year I was asked to visit Doomsday Haunted attraction. I was told that I would appreciate what Eric, the owner/creator, has made in the quiet town of Athens Alabama. Tyler was correct on that assumption; Doomsday is my type of haunt.

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The trip from Birmingham to Doomsday is an easy drive up 65 north. Other than a few turns, its pretty much a straight shot. The bright light of Doomsday shines just off highway 72. If you happen to miss the light, the 100s of parked cars will no doubt indicate that you are in the right spot.

As we pulled into the attraction, we were ushered around to park by the lot crew, which did a great job of getting the cars in and out safely. It is in a field so lookout for mud if it rains. Parking is free which is a plus in my book.

We exit the car to make our way to the attraction. A colorful lighted line easily identifies the ticket booth. We get our tickets and make our way down to the midway or as it is called here, Club Toxic.

Walking into Club Toxic feels like walking into a post-apocalyptic bonfire rave. Bodies of old Vehicles and war machines are placed throughout to really hammer that feeling home. The line snakes around the area weaving through the many vendors that make the midway enjoyable while you wait your turn.

With the covid 19, crowd working actors have some limits that make it difficult, but doomsday had a few creatures roaming around and a fire performer spinning flames periodically. They have an amazing opening ceremony that I couldn’t make but I was told flamethrowers were involved so you can make your own conclusions.

Our first stop was the grab a hot beverage for the cool night. JJs coffee had quite a few options to offer. We went with the hot cider and a hot cocoa espresso. A nice change from the usual plain jane we see at other venues. We make our way around to the DJ booth which is keeping the party going with a variety of music and lights. A massive bonfire in the middle lights up the are nicely. We see across the way a large projector screen playing the Bama game, which is a big deal in this state. A nice touch to offer for those waiting. I asked around to see where I could find the owner Eric, every answer was “look for the Viking at the snack bar”, snack Bar? I didn’t see a snack bar I just saw a hearse. I walk toward the hearse and see, well looks like Eric turned a hearse into a snack bar. Not surprised. The concept and execution is something you’ll have to see to believe. I talked with Eric, he explained some of the challenges that they have faced getting this location off the ground. What his plans were for the future and where he would like to take doomsday. Id say he was well on the way to being a big player in the southeastern haunt scene.

Time for the good stuff. The trail. I really don’t want to give too much away because you need to go see it yourself. The haunt sticks to its story well. From their website..

Doomsday takes place in an old war-torn town, located somewhere deep in the woods that was quarantined by the government after a large nuclear explosion was thought to have happened many years ago. Unfortunately, the locals had no clue what was coming, and before they knew it, the military set up massive fences & nets around the entire area, to control the radioactive fallout damage.

According to the last known people living outside the quarantine zone, this extreme event caused the local townspeople to be forcibly cut-off from the

outside world for nearly 70 years, making them very unpredictable and unwelcoming. It is thought that their descendants may still inhabit this area – but be warned that few people that have dared to go looking for this forsaken town has ever lived to tell about it!

Those that have dared to investigate this strange land, say that the Doomsday people are a strange bunch & it’s said that their family tree goes straight up – as there’s not many visitors to such a feared & forgotten place. These backwoods folks are just about as disconnected from reality as it gets. I guess its a mixture of natural seclusion and radioactive moonshine.

The local newspapers have reported recent suspicious activity in the area – believing that the old Doomsday population has exploded, which has led to increased reports of missing persons from this area. Disturbing reports also warn of blood-curdling screams & other unsettling sounds echoing from this disturbed valley. Are YOU brave enough to join the Doomsday Investigation Team, and will you make it out alive to tell about it?


From the get-go, you are being yelled at by military styled actors. “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!”

“LEFT RIGHT LEFT, KEEP THOSE LEGS MOVING!!”. Feel Like an evacuation in progress. We get thought the army controlled front lines to find ourselves in the heart of the “Town”. A backwoods playground with a shallow gene pool. We meet many characters throughout the twists and turns of the deep woods, each one little more inbred than the last. The scenery is great with its mix of dilapidated buildings and abandoned vehicles. Some of which you must enter to make your way out.

I don’t like to spoil the show by telling too much about what you will see inside but I do like to compliment good acting/scenes when I see them. The actors all did great, even the ones that you could tell were a little green, no one missed any scares and had very good timing throughout. I try to banter with them to see if I can make them stumble or throw them off and they all passed the test well.

I do want to point out a few actors that I really enjoyed or scared me. (its hard to scare Tyler and myself so its always nice when it happens)

The Ice Cream shop actors. Talk about commitment to your character. I heard him well before I got to his scene and wasn’t disappointed. He will offer you some chocolate ice cream, if you don’t take it, he will eat it. Don’t take it. You’ll see what happens next. Hats off to him. The actor on the other side of the shop was amazingly creepy. His interactions and how he moves was great. Don’t change a thing.

The girl in the padded bus scared the hell out of me. I don’t know where she came from but damn it was good.

The Clown in the vortex tunnel, that’s how you make a vortex tunnel work. Almost made me sick.


Overall, there is so much I like about this haunt already and knowing what the plans are for its future makes it one that I will be going back to every year. There is a lot there now but the potential for doomsday is extremely promising. It was well worth the hour and forty-five min drive. You could easily make a night out of this and be entertained from start to finish.

Major credit to the ENTIRE team at Doomsday for the hard work in bringing this haunt to life!

Special shout out to The Bama Q for the delicious food. Eric has really brought in some good vendors to compliment the excellent haunt.