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Gather around my friends! Spooky season is upon us once again!

Each and every year we somehow inch our way through winter, spring and summer just to get to this moment! It is officially here and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my 2022 tour than being at Containment Haunted House.


I and Scurryface have been visiting Containment for almost 7 years now and I can personally tell you that they simply get bigger and better each and every experience. 

This year is no different, except this time they went all out for their official seasonal opener.

They had wrestling, live DJ and musical performances and a theme park-like Firework show that definitely sent the message, “We’re about to blow the roof off this place”.. And that they did.

If you’ve experienced Containment, you know about their wide-open, well lit midway out front. Plenty of space to hang out and enjoy the music, drinks and food. I caught myself just sitting back watching the interactions with the actors and customers just taking it all in. Seeing the characters chase the frightened customers just put a huge smile on my face, maybe a little warped on my end, but that’s what makes it great.

From the jump, Containment puts off the vibe that you're there to have fun and to get scared.

A little detail that I really love about Containment is the fact you’re not forced to buy a ticket and go straight in line, you can hang out for as long as you want before you decide to brave the haunt. Once you decide to go on with the experience, there is a que-line that sits in front of their new entrance. The facelift of their new façade is simply incredible and it quickly sets the tone of what you’re about to experience.

As for the experience itself, get ready for a ride of heart-pounding adrenaline and frights. You'll go through numerous of unique and immersive scenes that is filled with amazing detail and life like props that will in some cases cause you to second guess on whether it's a person or not. A great mixture of live actors, actor driven puppets and animatronics. As you venture through different settings, the anticipation constantly builds as you take in the environment while waiting to fall pray to which ever actor lurks in the shadows. This haunt will keep you on your toes throughout the experience.  At times I caught myself thinking, “okay, well guess no actor is in here.” Nope, just when you think you’re alone, BOOM! Actor comes out of nowhere and jolts your heart rate up. 

Want a perfect example? See the video below as our own beloved "JD Daniels" braves the haunt. JD is an haunt actor who has never experienced Containment before, his reactions are authentic and hilarious. 

Speaking of their actors/actresses, if you’ve read our past reviews on them. You will see a consistent pattern, and that pattern is always praising their impeccable timing as scare-actors. They know their scenes like the back of their hands and they utilize every inch of it. They know where your attention won’t be and they take full advantage of that. That’s what makes Containment such a great experience, it's the unknown at every turn and corner. 

Containment compliments this with their beautiful but yet creepy attention to details and scenery. The name “Containment” isn’t just some quirky random name, you are in fact walking in and out of shipping containers throughout your journey and the crazy thing is, you’ll never realize it unless you get a peek from the interstate or from behind the scenes. 

They truly immerse you into their story and world and Containment simply does a wonderful job with this. 

Throughout my experience I couldn’t help but to purposely shorten my steps a tad just so I could spend a few extra seconds in certain areas. Plus, I didn’t want it to end and there were times where I thought, “Oh, man this is it.” it kept transitioning into a new scene or area. 

That leads me into their newest addition, Containment GellyBall. This new addition is seriously the best and most fun I’ve ever had at Containment. The actors are relentless and they don’t stop after they’ve been shot. They will give you a full on experience, I do however wish it lasted a little longer because you have so much fun interacting with the group and scene. It may only seem like a short time because it is very fast paced and you are having an absolute blast with it. I am very happy that they made this experience a part of the haunt instead of a side attraction. Just something about getting the customer involved makes things so much more fun and entertaining for the consumer.


In Closing:

This is Containments final year in this location, in 2023 a new chapter will begin and we can’t wait to be there for that as well.

BUT, that is in 2023! You still have an entire season right in front of you to get out to Lithia Springs and experience Containment as you know it for one final time.

Containment gives you everything you want out of a haunted attraction; Screams, laughs, entertainment and great times with friends and family. You 100% get your money's worth from beginning to end.

This was their official opening night and if I’m praising it this much, just think how amazing they will be as we get into the season.

Out of the many trips to Containment, this was seriously the most fun experience I’ve had at this haunt. 

When people come to Scurryface and ask “Hey, what haunts in Georgia should I visit?” 

We make sure that Containment is ALWAYS mentioned!

Containment is not only a must see haunt in Georgia, Containment is a MUST SEE haunt in the Southeast!


Don’t miss out! Check their website for tickets and open dates!




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