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It’s  that time of the year where I finally have an excuse to leave Alabama and cross into Georgia. That excuse would be Containment Haunted House in Lithia Springs.

Containment is extremely easy to find, you can even see the backside of the haunt as you pass by on I20. When you pull into the parking lot,(free) you instantly notice the huge colorful Containment sign that pierces through the hovering fog. I love the little things that make a huge impact and how that sign simply just pops out to arriving guests. That lets you know you’re at a haunted house and ready to rock ’n’ roll. They've always had a unique story to tell and 2021 is no different. This is the season of the Overlords and they want to take advantage of our love for pumpkins.

We’ve been coming to Containment for years and it has never disappointed us. This will be my 3rd official visit under Scurryface and I was extremely excited to see what Joey and his entire crew cooked up for the 2021 season!


Midway/Que-Line Experience

Containment offers a traditional outside que-line. With the loud music echoing throughout the property and fog hovering over the entire area while the two massive Grim Reapers towering above you. It definitely will get your adrenaline pumping to experience the attraction. Right before you go in you’ll get a photo taken with your group with an opportunity to purchase it upon your exit. I like how they take 2 different pictures with one of them allowing you to attempt the silliest picture you possibly can. It’s just a different thing that most other places don’t do and I enjoy the small unique things like this. You'll get to meet Sparkles the clown out front. She was super nice and asked me what I wanted and I told her a monkey. She didn't give me a monkey but she drew me a picture of a monkey. See the pick at the end of the review.

It’s not the type of midway where you get all the games, sideshows and movies. What you do get is simply a good atmosphere that builds up anticipation.

Eye Candy/ Visuals

Details, details and details. Every scene is decked out from the ground to the ceiling with props, effects and all other sorts of things that will keep your eyes wondering. Enough to the point where the actors use it to their advantage. From the beginning to the very end, each scene was an immersive experience.

Some of my favorite things are the simplest things. For example, the area with the moving mannequins. It’s simple but very effective due to how everything is set up. The room with all the pictures and picture frames. The igloo scene is one that I walked into and was completely wowed by. The visuals of it were extremely unique and something that I have never seen in a haunt before. The only thing it was lacking was the fact that it wasn’t cold in the area.

 I absolutely love the holding area where you get to have a detailed conversation with what we considered a “legless pumpkin” . We referred to him as “The Pumpkin King”. He refused to acknowledge that title and we had a nice little debate about it. But even in that area, the lighting and sounds truly bring it all to life. Same can be said throughout the rest of the experience.

The costuming and makeup was on point and every actor we encountered looked the part. I never once noticed one single actor that seemed out of place or simply didn’t vibe with their scene.

Containment definitely delivers when it comes to visuals and they absolutely offer haunt fans plenty of eye candy throughout their experience.

Walkthrough Experience


Containment offers you a very interactive and immersive experience from the very beginning until the very end. The flow of the trail was very smooth and the transitions to each section never once took you out of the experience or had you scratching your head. That is something that I truly applaud when it comes to haunts who pay attention to little things like that. 

The group separation was perfect as we never came close to the group in front of us nor did the group behind us. I recall in 2020 where that did happen and they did a great job with making sure it didn’t happen on this experience. At first you may think the holding area when you go in is probably a long wait. But it’s a great buffer to create space between groups so you can get the best experience possible.

Containment offers multiple great scares throughout the experience. They got me multiple times, it got to the point where the people in my group started counting how many times I got startled. So with that being said, they will get you at least once!

Containment did not seem to have any dead spots, every spot that you’d expect an actor to be, there was. In some spots where least expected an actor to be, they were there.

My total walk through time was a little over 23 total minutes. But it truly felt A LOT longer. That could be due to the holding area prior to the spot where you get your guidelines and rules read out to you. 

With tickets at $20 for general admission. You definitely get your bang for your buck at Containment. Once we entered the haunt, we never experienced a dull moment.



Containment offers some of the most talented theatrical haunters I’ve ever witnessed. It’s not 100% theatrical, but you’ll encounter some actors and actresses that truly put on an amazing performance. A few memorable performances, The actor in the scene with all the pictures and picture frames, he was simply amazing. The greeter in the scene where he wanted to bargain for souls did a great job. The actor and actress in the meat locker had us rolling with laughter. Even the actress giving us the rules and guidelines did a great job. Trust me, you don’t want to get on her bad side.

Then you have the actors and actresses who did a fantastic job with their timing and how they worked the entire scene and group. However, there were a few areas where we weren't exactly sure what the actor or actresses intentions were. Had one that kind of just stared at us as we walked through, we weren't certain if they were trying to use the “stare scare” to creep us out or if we caught them by surprise and that was their go to for that moment. 

A few standouts, the closet scene was probably one of the scariest scenes for our group. I think the ladies in our group busted my eardrums after that scare came from the darkness. The scene where the actor was wearing what looked to be a rat mask. The actors in that scene played it perfectly by creating a wonderful diversion. The actress with the teddy bear not only made it creepy, but found a way to also make us make fools of ourselves by having us sing a song and twirling around like a ballerina. 

Overall for the most part, Containment offers some extremely talented actors and actresses. You can absolutely tell the experienced ones apart through their performances and quality timed scares.



There are 2 haunts that were the cause for this category. Containment was one of them. The originality and creativity that Joey and his crew present at this haunt is simply incredible. From the trail design to the set designs and all the way down to the story line and theming. Each scene had its own dynamic take to what story they were telling in each scene. Yes, they use animatronics and other things that you’d possibly see at a haunt convention. But how they utilize them is what makes them great and unique. Containment never seems to disappoint when it comes to originality.



Containment once again blows us away with an excellent show and experience. With the Overlord story and how they incorporate all the pumpkins and pumpkin references throughout. They stay true to promoting a story and theme and sticking to it from beginning to end. With a great mix of theatrics and downright quality scares. Containment offers a unique experience for ALL haunt fans.

Rep Personal Thoughts

There’s a few things that I noticed that I personally feel could be tweaked. One of my favorite things is the interaction in the holding area. The only issue that I and a few others had is it’s very hard to hear what the puppet is saying. In some cases we could, but when that area is full of people. It can be somewhat very difficult and I think that experience is something that people will take home with them and talk about for days. Not sure if that is something that can be done, but if it can. I believe having him be a little bit louder through the speaker would be easier to hear what he is saying. Then again, I’m not getting any younger and it could be on my end, but I did hear other people say that they could barely hear him. So my hearing isn’t that terrible.

The Igloo scene that I mentioned above, it was definitely a great, unique scene. As mentioned, I’ve never seen it in a haunt before. I think if that scene had the effect of cold air, it would dramatically increase the realism. I know it’s going to get colder as we get deeper into October. But it’s an igloo, it’s got to be cold in there. That’s something I think could really increase the immersion factor of the attraction. 

One last thing I did notice was one or two actors who seemed a little timid when we walked through their scene. I’m not sure if it was a lack of confidence or maybe they just haven’t found their niche as of yet. I do understand that it was opening weekend and it does take time for newer actors to finally break open their shell. I am assuming they are new actors because that’s typically what new actors do. But, when those doors open and paying customers come in, you have to find that confidence quickly because it can hinder the experience for guests and they do pick up on things like that. If not sure on what to do, find a spot in the scene and utilize it to do a pop scare until you figure it out. Standing in one spot just staring at the group as they pass by is not going to work in most cases, especially if there isn’t a climatic end to the scene where you’re doing it as a diversion tactic. There was one scene in particular where the actor who was standing in the middle of the scene just watching us walk by. At first we were like, “okay…?” Then as we passed on the other side of the scene, the actor came at us through a window. That was definitely a quality scare, but I also feel the scene can be utilized for a good scare or performance and the actor could still get that surprise scare on the flip side.


In closing; Containment Haunted House was one hell of a show overall. This is seriously the best experience I’ve had with them since my first ever trip back in 2018.


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