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On my drive to Columbia, Alabama- there’s not much scenery besides a long stretch of road, a lot of woods, an area that looks like Wrong Turn and Deliverance had a love child--- to which COLUMBIA MANOR is born. I didn’t get to go last year-they were closed due to COVID… I didn’t realize just how much I missed them until I got there and my heart was pounding and my excitement was through the roof. Like a little kid in a candy store.

There is usually plenty of parking, all which is free… but trust me when I tell you, you want to get there early if you can. The line gets packed quickly. I always look forward to the “wait” actually. It’s fun to me to see people’s reactions and excitement to the unknown and what’s to come. Haunted Houses just brings you back to being a kid again- where Adults can feel things they haven’t felt since childhood.


Midway/Que-Line Experience:

The lines are long and get longer as the season gets closer to October 31st. Time truly tends to fly by. They have a big projector screen that at first plays Halloween music, but closer to time, we get some Halloween videos, such as one of the best, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. There’s characters roaming the midway, making you scream, making you run, then making you laugh at yourself. Afterwards you begin to feel ridiculous for screaming and running. They always make time to stop for a photo-op if you ask them. They were serving up concessions and also had port-a-potties for bathroom use. The lines are very organized and simple to follow. They are still being safe and checking people’s temperature’s before they allow you to stand in the line for the haunted houses. Yes, HOUSES, plural.

Eye Candy/Visuals:

There was so many fantastic things to look at. The characters were dressed head to toe. Makeup and costumes were great – inside the houses and outside on the midway. They had animatronics, they had everything work out perfectly where you couldn’t see them jump out, fly at you, whatever the case was. They truly utilized every room with the space, lighting, and creepy sounds. Just try to take it all in and soak it all up the best you can!

Walkthrough Experience:


$15 for general admission and $30 for fast passes. No matter which option you chose, it’s worth every penny. Once you stand in line, you await to go into what I call the “clown house” --- This is a warm up to get your juices flowing. It’s probably a 5-10 minute house, depending on how quickly you walk/run through it. It’s so cool in there with so many bright colors and jump scares and clowns lurking around every corner. Pennywise is a fan favorite. Be careful not to hang out too long or “YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!!”

Once we exited the “clown house” we then stood in a short line to go into the “manor.” This house was made into a haunted house- but it’s in fact a REAL haunted house. You get a short briefing and get to meet the “Lady of the Manor” and off you go into your tour- which feels like you’re on the set of a movie. From room to room, there was so much to look at and take in and so many smiles and scares and screams. The “Manor” can be about 30 minutes long… you go up and down stairs, into a crawlspace, utilizing every room to it’s fullest. Each room was set up with a different theme and each room NAILED IT! There were even new attractions that weren’t there the last time I went. You can literally go over and over again and still notice new things every go around. Once we left the “manor” they have an outside/woodsy set up as well. That should take you another 15 minutes to go through. You would never guess you were in a back yard. They had camp crystal lake set ups, jeepers creeper set ups, even a

real-life night of the living dead-like cemetery outside. As many people that were there when we arrived, they somehow managed to keep it spaced out enough so our group didn’t run into any others, while still getting to somewhat take our time and get to experience everything and also got to play along with some of the characters. Highly entertaining! Columbia Manor packs some impressive scares!


The actors were amazing! Each one played their part perfectly and no one broke character. If there was a non-speaking part, i.e., Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, they didn’t speak. If there was a speaking part, i.e., Freddy Kruger – they sounded just as they were supposed to! Really great job guys! These performers were talented and trained to scare! You can tell they all take time and pride on their appearance. You could feel the energy in all of the rooms. The performers were aggressive and aggressive in a good way!


Columbia Manor always does a remarkable job creating and recreating scenes to their visions. They pay a lot attention to detail with plenty to look at and plenty to experience. Each room is designed to grab your attention and hold onto it until you enter the next.

Overall Grade: 


Columbia Manor is a MUST-SEE HAUNT. Every year I look forward to experiencing it and every year they BRING IT! Bigger and better than the year before. If you’re within a few hours drive, I highly recommend you making the time to go visit them! Columbia Manor never disappoints!

Reviewers Personal Notes:

Todd, Clay, and the whole crew at Columbia Manor always make us feel welcomed and like part of the family. I truly look forward to coming back to see them year after year! Pack up the friends and family for a trip to Columbia Alabama- you never know what might be lurking outside and inside the manor.