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City of Chaos is a first year haunt located less than a mile off  I-20 in Eastaboga. It's exciting news when a new haunt comes to town and while City of Chaos may be a first year haunt, they provide a very well executed main trail as well as unique secondary experiences. The main attraction, “The Haunted City of Chaos & Tunnel 109,” offers tickets for $20 a person, or $40 a person for a chaos pass, which allows you to skip the line. The second attraction is a haunted shooting gallery. For $15 a person you get 150 glow in the dark paintballs to shoot a plethora of targets, from witches to pumpkins. The third attraction is “Chaos Convoy.” For $25 a person, you get a seat on an actual combat patrol vehicle equipped with paintball guns loaded with 150 glow in the dark paintballs. The vehicle drives you through a trail where you shoot at various targets, as well as actors dressed as haunted soldiers. 

The final attraction is “Cataclysmic Convoy.”  This experience costs $400 for a party of up to six people. Climb aboard the Alvis 432 Tank, where one member will pilot the tank while the rest shoot up to 500 paintballs to clear the land of the haunted soldiers.

City of Chaos operates by day and year-round as “Combat Park”, an outdoor experience with three paintball fields, rideable military vehicles, and more.  Combat Park and City of Chaos are veteran owned and a portion of all proceeds go towards Wounded Warrior Alabama, a non-profit organization that helps wounded Alabama veterans and their families.



Parking is bountiful and free. As you drive up you're greeted by huge, towering, skeleton props clearly identifying City Of Chaos! The midway is a short walk and within view from the parking lot. Multiple food truck vendors line a covered picnic area. There were also vendors selling custom tumblers, gun holsters, knives and other misc items located in the covered picnic area. 

City of chaos has full size bathrooms that are very clean and stocked.  Bonfires and stand up heaters are on standby for cold October nights, as well as pop up tents to provide additional coverage for rainy nights. Tickets are available for purchase at a ticket booth centered ahead of parking. Merchandise near the ticket booth was reasonably priced. The queue line has halloween music, black lights, actors and an overall spooky vibe throughout.  Lines are not cramped, fairly short, and moved quickly. The main attraction line was only about a 10 minute wait. 



Sergeant Chaos has taken over Combat Park and resurrected a city with 8 structures and tunnel 109 (a 60’ Conex tunnel buried 16’ underground).  City of Chaos is unique in that it has multiple indoor scenes, separated by short outdoor transition “breathers.”  This was an interesting change of pace that created anxiety to open each door to see what awaited us inside the next scene.  Every scene was extremely well designed, and combined a variety of lighting, music and animatronics. This gave the haunt a professional feel with realistic rooms that had great setups for scares. Scenes included classic themes like an insane asylum and exorcism, as well as more novel scenes such as having to walk single file in between  two rows of cloaked guards from the underworld (way creepier than it might sound). Multiple actors in every scene had high energy and played off of each other well.  Some of the outdoor transition areas also contained ghoulish scenes and actors which kept the suspense high throughout the approximately 13 minute trail.  As we exited the trail, everyone was thanked for visiting and given a cold bottle of water with the City of Chaos logo.


Chaos Convoy had no line at the time as we were one of the last groups to take a convoy that night.  When we got onto the truck the instructor walked us through the safety steps.  We buckled up, had our paintball guns loaded, and were on our way.  Our commander let us know when we were approaching haunted soldiers and gave us tips on where to aim.  We stopped at multiple bunkers along the trail to rid Combat Park of the evil that lurked.  The paintballs glow in the dark so you can track all of your shots.  Some of the transition areas between bunkers felt a little sparse, but the fact that you are riding on an actual military combat truck while shooting paintballs, makes this a very fun and unique experience.


City of Chaos delivers plenty of top-notch visuals and well placed animatronics.  They are continuing to add more things as the season progresses and have even more planned for next year.  The tunnel 109 is a clever way to add depth to the trail.  All of the actors' costumes and makeup were executed at a high level. The roamer in the queue line with the puppet was one of my favorite effects.


The actors at City of Chaos appear to have been acting together for years.  It’s hard to believe it's their first year!  The actors are all full of energy and time their scares well.  They do a great job at interacting with the audience and portraying the storylines, while at the same time capitalizing on opportunities to scare. The characters were all original and believable, with excellent costuming head-to-toe.


City of Chaos provides a very entertaining haunt with a unique transition scene setup.  The chaos convoy is a really fun second attraction, and the cataclysmic convoy provides an entire group with a unique experience like no other.  How many people can say they’ve shot haunted soldiers while riding in an Alvis 432 Tank? 



City of Chaos is an amazing first year haunt that is already operating as if they have years of experience in the industry.  The owners as well as the actors are very enthusiastic and it shows in their work.  I really look forward to seeing City of Chaos grow and expand from their already stellar inaugural season!


I was stunned when I found out that City of Chaos was a first year haunt. The outdoor/indoor aspect was a nice refreshing touch, especially on a cool October night. While I'd love it if the haunt was a few minutes longer (and Chaos Convoy could benefit from a few more paintball targets, both live and stationary), City of Chaos provided a very fun, exciting, and unique haunt experience.


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