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Now that spooky season has officially arrived, my tour stop at City Of Chaos in Eastaboga, Alabama was spectacular. It had all the ingredients you could ask for while being at a haunt. A bright orange crescent moon, stars piercing through a pitch black sky, a slight chill in the air and distant screams from within the haunt.

City of Chaos sits on a massive property called Combat Park and they utilize it to its full potential. 

Not only with the actual City, but with their paintball experience and large midway that includes multiple things to get into. Like their escape room, karaoke booth, Freddy’s BBQ, ample photo ops, merch store, a second shooting gallery. City of chaos definitely gives you options to keep you busy and entertained prior to your actual experience through the haunt.

While I was there I did not plan to eat while at the haunt, but let me tell you. The smell from Freddy’s BBQ will win every time. I ended up getting a pulled pork sandwich and it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. I was torn on the sandwich or the pork nachos. I should have bought both, but I highly recommend grabbing you a bite to eat from there when visiting City Of Chaos.

Let’s rewind a bit prior to you getting to their official midway. After you park (which parking will be no problem as the area is massive). You will see the tower with the massive skeleton on top and occasionally a dancing clown. As you approach the City Of Chaos entry way, you’ll notice a shop to your right that has some really cool items for you to browse over or purchase.You’ll also pass an ice cream truck. As you pass through the gate and officially enter the city you will come across a shaved ice and boiled peanut booth and truck. After that you come up to the ticket booth and in most cases are greeted by Sargent Chaos himself welcoming you to the City Of Chaos.


The Experience:

This is City Of Chaos 2nd season and just in year 2 they have made some big changes. Most haunts in their 2nd season do not even touch the task of making changes. This haunt did not shy from it as they always want to grow and improve each season. I felt the changes were better for the haunt and it improved their show from their previous season.

I love the town feel to the experience as you venture into different houses throughout your walk. As you transition to each house they are able to keep you on your toes with some actor interactions and few surprises. I really like that because if you’ve followed my haunt visits and reviews from my past, you’ll know I was pretty harsh on haunts that had dead spots within the experience. Kudos to this haunt for recognizing these areas and putting actors or other things to keep the patrons attention and focus on the attraction.

As for each house, you will have a completely different experience with each visit. The attention to detail and the scenery compliment each act. They do a wonderful job immersing you into their chaotic story. I do have 4 favorite experiences on this journey, one being the graveyard as it’s one of the most beautiful backdrops to a haunt. Seriously, once you see it, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. In fact, it’s on repeat in the video above this article. But seeing it on a video versus experiencing it and seeing it with your own eyes. That’s apples and oranges. It is also complimented by multiple characters who bring some theatrics to the table.

The others are the underground, Vampire house and hallway of lost souls, I’m not going to spoil anything, so if you’re looking for spoilers or think I’m the type of guy who gives those away.. Sorry to disappoint you, I want you to visit the haunt, not live vicariously through my experiences. 

I’ll tell you this about the underground, that entire section is the most intense and scariest part of the attraction. The hallway of lost souls is so visually unnerving. Just being in there will put you on edge and that’s what makes that scene so great.The vampire house I simply love the detail, the surprises and immersive experience.


I also got to experience the paintball shoot. You get on a truck and travel around the sets and punish zombies around the property. I had a great time on the experience as you will encounter fire, zombie firefighters, a few zombies who couldn’t let go of their past clubbing days and some who brought shields to battle patrons. They make it fun for the patrons and much respect for them to get out there each night and just take this kind of punishment. I will give this tip for customers, be conversative with your ammo. Don’t go nuts and just completely unload on the first couple zombies. It’s a large area and if you run out, you’ll have to buy more ammo. 


In Closing:

City Of Chaos in year two has made massive steps forward with their experience. You’ll have a blast at Combat Park with everything that they bring to the plate. 

The family friendly atmosphere complemented with top tier quality scares sprinkled within will leave you wanting more.

City Of Chaos has made its mark within the Alabama haunt scene. Now we get to witness their growth within the industry and it’s going to be exciting to watch!

City Of Chaos is absolutely a 2022 Must See Haunt!


Writers notes:

With it being their official opening night and weekend, I did notice some actors and actresses still very timid within the scenes and with their scares. Some seemed unsure of how to utilize their scenes or what to say or how to interact with patrons. It’s completely normal and I was the same way when I started haunting back in the day. (Get off my lawn)... But that confidence will come and will fix itself in time, some take longer to break out of their shell but once they do. I believe this crew as a whole will terrify guests on a consistent basis.

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