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Atrox was founded in 2002 and has grown to be one of the most well known haunts in Alabama.  Atrox boasts the title of the largest indoor haunted attraction in the southeast covering roughly 50,000 sqft. I decided to hit Atrox on Thursday night. I'm glad that Atrox offers their attraction on a weekday since most haunts do not. While on weekends parking is usually extended further out into surrounding open parking lots, on Thursday night I was able to score a spot right across from the entrance! For purchasing tickets I ended up using their online ticket buying option which allows you to buy tickets online for a time slot. This feature really cuts back on wait times.  I chose a 9:30 time slot and there was hardly a line. Atrox has one attraction that costs $25 per person for a general admission or timed slot ticket on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, or $28 per person for a timed slot ticket on a Friday or Saturday.  On November 12th and 13th, Atrox also offers a lights out experience where you get nothing but a glowstick to light your way.



The walk up to Atrox was quick, and before entering everyone was metal detected and told not to bring any lighters or knives inside.  The entrance line is an uncovered, fenced path decorated with creepy flickering lights.  As you keep walking you may notice some advertising vendors ahead in a corner.  A T-mobile table and pop up shop is stationed right before the indoor waiting area of Atrox. They offered us complimentary T-mobile lunch boxes and sunglasses. After grabbing our freebies we walked indoors to a spacious area where you can buy tickets, concessions, and merchandise, all of which had little or no line at this time of night. There are also areas to take photos, or chill and watch a scary movie while you wait. In addition to the haunted attraction, Atrox offers meet and greets with a new celebrity each Friday and Saturday.  This year's celebrities are: Lisa Wilcox from Nightmare on Elm Street IV; Zach Galligan from Gremlins; Damian Maffei from Haunt; and Don Shanks from Halloween V.  Once we showed the ticket booth lady our online QR code that verified our tickets, she stamped us with a blacklight stamp and instructed us we could go ahead and get in line. Once in the attraction line I noticed halloween trivia on T.V. screens above. We had just a few families in front of us and waited about 5 minutes before being briefed on the rules. At Atrox they inform you that if they see you from their security cameras taking your phone out they will remove you from the trail. Additionally, if you lose your phone in the trail,  they will not allow you to pick it up until the next morning.  However, one of the most important rules to note is that at Atrox, the actors CAN touch you (but of course you may not touch them). As if the thought of actors touching you isn’t creepy enough, actors frequently roam the midway and do a great job setting the tone for the main attraction.  We saw two people chicken out after one too many encounters with a clown in the midway.


The experience throughout the entire haunt was immersive and high quality. You can tell the owners are passionate about what they create for Atrox. You start out in a creepy room where three actors swarm you and prepare you for your journey. There appears to be no way out of the room, until you’re ushered towards a secret door that leads you down into the sewers.  As water drips from above, you eventually work your way through the sewer system and enter a lab where humans are being genetically altered. You eventually make your way to ground level where you approach an old vintage house where humans are on the menu for dinner.  Atrox has beautifully intricate scenes that transition effortlessly.  One of the things that truly sets Atrox apart is the constant bombardment of thrills and scares from the very beginning to the very end.  The final scene ended with one member of my party in the fetal position on the floor - it was quite a memorable experience.  The entire trail takes about 20 minutes to walk through.  There is so much going on that you could walk through this haunt several times and notice something you didn't see in the previous walk-throughs. It is safe to say that Atrox provides an excellent bang for your buck.


Atrox excels when it comes to their eye-candy and visuals. Atrox has created stunning, movie-quality masterpieces throughout the haunt.  It is obvious a ton of time and money has gone into every scene.  I found myself constantly darting my eyes around to soak in all of the awesome visuals, including a ton of well timed and well placed animatronics. They have created dozens of mutilated bodies throughout the haunt. The costumes are top notch, and make-up and prosthetics are beautifully done.


The actors at Atrox do not let the beautiful scenery outshine them.  All of the scares were very well timed and full of energy.  Atrox has no shortage of actors, and they were popping out from all corners.  The actors did a wonderful job and made sure to scare the entire crowd after the initial pop scare.  The actors are allowed to touch you, and they will touch you, a lot.  This is something members of my party have never experienced at a haunt before and it really got to them.  They’ll touch your face, sneak up behind you and grab your hand - nothing rough, just enough to creep you out. 


Atrox has a very clear theme throughout the majority of the haunt, evil mutant monsters that live underground and experiment/prey on humans. This haunt is something straight out of a nightmare.



Atrox has been in the game for a while now, and their experience really shows in all aspects of the haunt.  Atrox has everything you’re looking for in a good trail.  It’s one of the longest haunted attractions around, the scenes are elaborate and detailed, and the actors provide tons of scares.

Atrox is the best all-around haunted attraction I've been through in the last few years.


Online time-slotted tickets make entering Atrox quick and easy.  All members of my group thought Atrox was by far the scariest haunt they had been through this year.


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