What I love about doing haunt tours each season is the fact it sometimes leads me to parts of the country that I have never been to. Like for instance, Virginia. Helheim Haunted Attraction in Wytheville, VA was the first stop of a double haunt run while in the state.

Helheim sits right off the interstate and it definitely looks as if it’s an abandoned building that simply was forgotten about.

The perfect setup for a thrilling, intense Virginian experience unlike any other.

Helheim lives in an old Go-Kart/Arcade attraction. A place probably where a lot of families once made great memories that has now turned into a place of darkness, gore and hellish creatures.

The vibe within Helheim is a mixed bag of Viking, apocalyptic torture, voodoo like rituals and death metal.

If you’re a fan of those 4 things, this IS the place for you.

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I was told, “There’s things in here that you won’t see anywhere else.” That rings true as I encountered a few scenes where it stopped me in my tracks and I simply couldn’t look away while asking myself, “Did I just really witness that?”

The experience begins outside then twists and turns throughout the once upon a time go-kart track and you end up inside the house.

The tone outside is just the tip of the iceberg for what awaits you on the inside. Don’t let that sentence fool you. That tip penetrates pretty deep as they deliver quality scares and very unique scenes before you enter the house.

The opening scene lets you know that you’re not at a cookie cutter traditional haunt. I know this because I’ve never been to a haunt where a dick was drawn on my hand right out the gate.

It starts off with gut busting laughs with friends and strangers and then takes a quick turn to terrifying.

As we made our way through the outside portion, they utilized darkness and the surrounding elements to time their attack and it worked to perfection as they startled us multiple times throughout.

Now we get to the second portion of this attraction, “Buffalo Bill's Basement”.. That’s not what it’s really called, that’s what I officially dubbed it. Because it truly feels like you are in the basement of Buffalo Bills home. Actually a mix of Buffalo Bill’s basement and a little bit of the underground from House of 1000 Corpses where Dr. Satan resided in.

Once you begin the intensity picks up tremendously right off the bat. Scene after scene of impactful characters, scares, unique and original set designs and props. Things that I wanted to see more closely but couldn’t due to the actors' relentless performance. Luckily, after the haunt closed I was honored to be given a tour and I got to see some of the things that Helheim does. Let’s just say I was blown away and highly impressed with their creativity and the simplicity of certain things that make a huge impact while the show is going on.

As you escape “Buffalo Bills Basement”, you make your way upstairs and it’s like a whole other experience.

As mentioned, you will encounter things that you’ve probably never seen anywhere else.

I was able to go through multiple times with different guests and it had the same effect everytime. I even caught myself going through simply to witness people’s reactions on these scenes and it never disappointed me. Like when you go watch a movie multiple times in a theater just to hear the audience's reaction to certain scenes, the same goes for this.

Not only do the scenes, the intensity of the actors plus the pounding death metal throughout. This haunt will put you on edge. Also, I absolutely love the fact that they utilize every square inch of this building.

During this experience, I came out feeling like I had to either start a mosh pit out in the midway or go wrestle some bears. Helheim definitely amps up the adrenaline.

Speaking of mosh pit, Helheim is also home to “The Pit”, a gritty, up close and personal metal venue for bands to come out and melt faces!

Worthy mention: Helheim is apart of the "Trifecta of Terror" which includes Terror Manor and St. Albans Sanatorium.

3 completely different style haunts who support one another. They have a deal where they give out a punch card and if you hit all 3 haunts. You get the "Trifecta of Terror" T-Shirt.

I do hate that I didn't get to experience St. Albans but I assure you this isn't the last time the Red Tie will be in Virginia. Also, what these 3 haunts are doing sets the standard of what should be happening throughout the entire industry! Major kudos to these 3 haunts for setting the example of how to be supportive of one another instead of bashing and tearing down each other.

In closing:

Check this haunted attraction out. It is not your traditional PG or PG13 experience. They are raw, they don’t give a damn about your feelings. Their purpose is to give you a show and scare the piss out of you. They even have a board at the beginning that tallies the pissers each night. In which, I personally saw someone piss their pants before the 1st scene even began.

Helheim Haunted Attraction in Wytheville, Virginia is absolutely the most metal haunt I’ve ever experienced!

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